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v. def·e·cat·ed, def·e·cat·ing, def·e·cates
To void feces from the bowels.
1. To void (feces) from the bowels.
2. To remove impurities from (a liquid, such as fruit juice), especially in sugar refining.

[Latin dēfaecāre, to clean the dregs from : dē-, de- + faex, faec-, dregs.]

def′e·ca′tion n.
def′e·ca′tor n.
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Noun1.defecator - a person who defecatesdefecator - a person who defecates    
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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In 2015, in a case the district judge dubbed the "mystery of the devious defecator," a federal jury awarded over two million dollars in a genetic discrimination case as compensation for the claimed invasiveness of submitting to the cheek swabs demanded by an employer seeking to conduct DNA tests on fecal matter left at a warehouse to try to identify the person responsible.
The groundskeeper has managed to figure out that their mystery defecator only uses the course as an al-fresco toilet on weekdays.
Brilliantly, the toilet wasn't actually fixed to the floor, like some kind of cunning booby-trap for the weary contortionist defecator.