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1. Having or showing a defect; faulty: a defective appliance.
2. Grammar Lacking one or more of the inflected forms normal for a particular category of word, as the verb may in English.
n. Offensive
One who has a physical or mental disability.

de·fec′tive·ly adv.
de·fec′tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.defectively - in a defective manner; "this machine functions only defectively"
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The small body of national troops, which has been judged necessary in time of peace, is defectively kept up, badly paid, infected with local prejudices, and supported by irregular and disproportionate contributions to the treasury.
Many builders offer several years worth of warranties in case the home was built defectively, and homebuyers will definitely want to make sure some sort of options are offered in case the home has major construction issues.
Water and sewerage system pipe lines are defectively inter connected causing pollution of drinking water.
Despite the clarity of the savings clause, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals held that 17-year-old Brian Moe could not receive a jury trial on his claim that a defectively manufactured lawnmower cost him all the fingers on his right hand, because the product's design complied with CPSC standards.
Under the risk-utility theory a product is defectively designed if the plaintiff proves that the design of the product proximately caused the plaintiff's injuries and the defendant fails to prove that on balance, the benefits of the design outweigh the risk inherent in the design.
During the Post-Closing Acceptance Period, Shareholders have no right to withdraw Shares from the Offer, regardless whether their Shares have been validly tendered (or defectively tendered, provided that such defect has been waived by the Offeror) during the Acceptance Period or the Post-Closing Acceptance Period.
The jury decided the Pinnacle hips were defectively designed and that DePuy had failed to warn the public about their risks.
The jury soundly rejected that Marlboro cigarettes are defectively designed," said Murray Garnick, Altria Client Services senior vice president and associate general counsel, speaking on behalf of Philip Morris USA in a statement.
Plaintiffs alleged that DGFM designed, manufactured, and sold and/or otherwise introduced into the stream of commerce the ammunition; that DGFM's wrongful acts consisted of defectively designing and manufacturing the rounds to have a protruding primer; and that DGFM failed to provide adequate warnings about the dangerous condition posed by this protruding primer.
All the process should be carried out with due care and caution so not to leave any defect like the case of PTCL as it had been privatized in 2006 but the govt is still in the process of recovering 800 million Dollars stuck in the defectively carried out process of privatization.
After the leaks associated with these defective installations were corrected, there still remain 84 new meters that are incorrectly or defectively installed," Gibson wrote.
Additionally, another of the defendant's experts testified that he did not believe the Accord's warning system was defectively designed because many automobiles contain the system and he had heard of no similar complaints.