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1. Having or showing a defect; faulty: a defective appliance.
2. Grammar Lacking one or more of the inflected forms normal for a particular category of word, as the verb may in English.
n. Offensive
One who has a physical or mental disability.

de·fec′tive·ly adv.
de·fec′tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.defectively - in a defective manner; "this machine functions only defectively"
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The small body of national troops, which has been judged necessary in time of peace, is defectively kept up, badly paid, infected with local prejudices, and supported by irregular and disproportionate contributions to the treasury.
2013) ("When a plaintiff's claim is based on a manufacturing defect, an inspection and evaluation of the specific item that caused the injury is required to establish that the item was defectively manufactured, or to refute that theory[,]" but "[w]hen a plaintiff's claim is based on a design defect ...
In March 2015, WHO's international agency for research on cancer announced that glyphosate a key ingredient in Roundup is "probably carcinogenic to humans".The court, which awarded $5.9 million (Sh590 million) in compensatory and $75 million (Sh7.5 billion) in punitive damages to Mr Hardeman, ruled that Roundup was defectively designed, and that Monsanto had not warned of the herbicide's cancer risk.
"They are motorized vehicles that are defectively designed."
The appellant alleged that Boeing had defectively designed the automated flight control system.
It alleges that Boeing had defectively designed the automated flight control system All Boeing 737 Max are currently grounded.
The lawsuit was filed in Chicago federal court by the family of Jackson Musoni, a citizen of Rwanda, and alleges that Boeing, which manufactures the 737 MAX, had defectively designed the automated flight control system.
"Here, the Egans allege that defendants breached the warranty of merchantability by selling a defectively designed HVAC system and replacement coils.
"This lawsuit will require the regulated company and the regulators to reevaluate the excessive volume of waste arriving in train cars to a landfill that has been defectively designed to handle all of the odors and gases," said Linda Shaw, the Knauf Shaw LLP attorney representing the Fresh Air group, in the group's statement.
The POL was withdrawn irregularly and a logbook was maintained defectively. Last but not the least, the statutory audit and inspection report for the period July 1, 2016 to June 20, 2017 on the accounts of CMMC Multan division has pointed out fraudulent awards of leases to the contractor by tempering the tender rates of Rs 6.
The plaintiff sued Ford in Todd County, claiming the Crown Victoria was defectively designed, manufactured and marketed.<br />Ford moved to dismiss lack of either specific or consent-based personal jurisdiction because the Crown Victoria was not assembled, designed, serviced or originally sold in Minnesota.<br />"We are not persuaded," Reyes responded.<br />The court uses a five-factor test to evaluate the long-standing International Shoe test for minimum contacts that demonstrate that jurisdiction does not offend traditional notions of fair play and substantial justice.
He testified that the truck's brake was defectively designed because it was operator-adjustable.