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Noun1.defense lawyers - the defendant and his legal advisors collectively; "the defense called for a mistrial"
aggregation, collection, accumulation, assemblage - several things grouped together or considered as a whole
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PEORIA -- Prosecutors and defense lawyers rested their cases Friday in the trial of a former University of Illinois student who could get the federal death penalty if convicted of killing a scholar from China.
The defense lawyers are also demanding the hearing of former Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou about the US intelligence document warning of an assassination attempt on Brahmi.
Defense Lawyer Award presented by the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers.
Meade Hartfield, a partner in the firm's Birmingham office, has been appointed the inaugural chair and a founder of the Women in the Law Committee of the Alabama Defense Lawyers Association (ADLA).
Judge Dobrila Kacarska, who is in charge of the case, refused the defense lawyers' request to postpone the trial.
Asked by defense lawyers if she personally saw Revilla seek and accept money from Napoles or any of her employees, Sunas said: 'No.'
After next hearing both prosecution and defense lawyers would give arguments.
Brangwin traveled to Austin, Texas for the DUI Defense Lawyers Association's (DUIDLA) Spring Seminar.
But the defense lawyers of members of Hezbollah accused of complicity in the attack sought to discredit the testimony of MP Marwan Hamade, Hariri's former economy minister, saying he was politically biased and believed in the guilt of the suspects without the benefit of a fair trial.
The Michael Morton Act, which lawmakers approved this year in the wake of the namesake's case, requires prosecutors to disclose evidence in their files to defense lawyers in criminal cases.
As many as 2, 000 defense lawyers are registered with AIBA, a number insufficient for the whole country.

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