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Noun1.defensive measure - (military) military action or resources protecting a country against potential enemies; "they died in the defense of Stalingrad"; "they were developed for the defense program"
umbrella - a formation of military planes maintained over ground operations or targets; "an air umbrella over England"
military action, action - a military engagement; "he saw action in Korea"
air defense - defensive measures designed to destroy attacking enemy aircraft or missiles or to nullify their effectiveness
stand - a defensive effort; "the army made a final stand at the Rhone"
hasty defence, hasty defense - a defense organized while in contact with the enemy or when time is limited
deliberate defence, deliberate defense - a defense organized before contact is made with the enemy and while time for organization is available; usually includes a fortified zone (with pillboxes) and communication systems
biodefence, biodefense, biological defence, biological defense - procedures involved in taking defensive measures against attacks using biological agents
chemical defence, chemical defense - procedures involved in taking defensive measures against attacks using chemical agents
minelaying, mining - laying explosive mines in concealed places to destroy enemy personnel and equipment
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
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and at the same instant rose from her chair with a knife in her hand, with which, most probably, she would have executed very tragical vengeance, had not the girl taken the advantage of being nearer the door than her mistress, and avoided her fury by running away: for, as to the poor husband, whether surprize had rendered him motionless, or fear (which is full as probable) had restrained him from venturing at any opposition, he sat staring and trembling in his chair; nor did he once offer to move or speak, till his wife, returning from the pursuit of Jenny, made some defensive measures necessary for his own preservation; and he likewise was obliged to retreat, after the example of the maid.
The patrols were "a defensive measure and in line with international common practice," Shen was quoted as saying.
London announced on Thursday it would be deploying six RAF Typhoon jets to its base at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus as a defensive measure to protect its assets on the island.
The bank will replace at least 2,000 credit cards as a defensive measure.
The huge animal - attracted by a "bait ball" which small fish form as a defensive measure - surfaced among small boats in Avila Beach.
According to the city council, this is a defensive measure after hackers, operating from outside the UK, attempted to breach the website.
Israel justified the raid as a defensive measure meant to keep goods that may have military uses out of the hands of Hamas militants.
21) Most significantly, the Takeover Guidelines explicitly endorse the shareholder rights plan (the "poison pill" in M&A jargon) as a defensive measure under Japanese corporate law.
The impact on standard annuities may force more standard annuity providers to enter the enhanced annuity market as a defensive measure.
The industry-led scheme, which was set up in response to the threat of a pesticide tax, has transformed itself from a defensive measure to one of proactive success.
Washington's men constructed Fort Necessity as a defensive measure.
What is unfortunately certain is that landlords and obligees under guaranties and other contracts will have to consider carefully the impact of allowing a default to be cured rather than immediately exercising all rights available at the time, including immediately engaging outside counsel and perhaps commencing litigation as a defensive measure prior to any resolution of defaults.