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def·er·ent 1

 (dĕf′ər-ənt, dĕf′rənt)
Showing deference; deferential.

def·er·ent 2

 (dĕf′ər-ənt, dĕf′rənt)
1. Anatomy Carrying down or away. Used of a duct or vessel.
2. Serving or adapted to carry or transport.

[Middle English defferent, from Latin dēferēns, dēferent-, present participle of dēferre, to carry away; see defer2.]
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another word for deferential


(Physiology) (esp of a bodily nerve, vessel, or duct) conveying an impulse, fluid, etc, outwards, down, or away; efferent
(Astronomy) astronomy (in the Ptolemaic system) a circle centred on the earth around which the centre of the epicycle was thought to move
[C17: from Latin dēferre; see defer2]
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(ˈdɛf ər ənt)

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Adj.1.deferent - showing deference
respectful - full of or exhibiting respect; "respectful behavior"; "a respectful glance"
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a. deferente, hacia afuera.
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References in classic literature ?
The Wizard now arose and made a low bow to Ozma and another less deferent bow to the assembled company.
Members of Provincial Assembly Gohram Bugti, Lala Rasheed Balochistan, Additional Chief Secretary Planning and Development Abdul Rehman Buzdar and secretaries of deferent departments were also present in the meeting.
Later, the minister distributed prizes among the winners in the competition where students from 40 deferent universities of the country participated.
In also Najran, the army attacked the Saudi-paid mercenaries' sites in al-Hamad site, killing and injuring dozens and seized deferent weapons.
According to details, dozens of officers on deputation in deferent ministries and divisions couldn't be sent back to their parent departments despite completion of their deputation period.
Chairman Federal Board of Revenue Tariq Pasha had told details in PAC meeting last week, that Pakistan's biggest companies and powerful people had taken stay orders against the tax recovery worth billion of Rupees from the deferent courts of the country, adding that these cases have been continue in court since many years.
'Madhouse has been demonstrated its leadership, foresights and visions in Mobile ad industry for the last decade, it was excited to know they decide to bringing their premium mobile ad platform to serve the tourist industry.' Mr Mason Ma, General Manager of advertising of Ctrip believes, 'Ctrip and TravelMad shares a very big pool of global tourism market, working together we would be able to further our strengths in deferent angles and create an effective way to serve the advertisers better.'
The parties have no election commissioner to elect office bearer through the election-based system for deferent wings of the party and that was the reason that there are always differences among the leaders of deferent wings of the party.
Addressing the occasion the speakers said that European Union had transferred funds for deferent schemes and after arrival of Syed Jamaluddin Shah Secretary Local government these funds was being utilized for different rehabilitation and developmental schemes.
Furqan added that he has informed police regarding this incident and police are investigating the matter with deferent angles.
Qatar Petroleum's activities cover deferent levels of oil and gas industry locally, regionally and globally.