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de·fer 1

intr.v. de·ferred, de·fer·ring, de·fers
1. To put off; postpone.
2. To postpone the induction of (one eligible for the military draft).

[Middle English differren, to postpone, differ; see differ.]

de·fer′ra·ble adj.
de·fer′rer n.
Synonyms: defer1, postpone, shelve, suspend
These verbs mean to put off until a later time: deferred paying the bills; postponing our trip; shelved the issue; suspending train service.

de·fer 2

v. de·ferred, de·fer·ring, de·fers
To submit to the wish or decision of another, as in recognition of authority. See Synonyms at yield.
To commit or entrust to another: The principal deferred the decision to the school board.

[Middle English deferen, from Old French deferer, from Latin dēferre, to carry away, refer to : dē-, de- + ferre, to carry; see bher- in Indo-European roots.]

de·fer′rer n.
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(25) At this level of policy analysis and decision-making the principal is required to recognize who should lead and who should follow, i.e., the roles of "influencer" and "deferrer" are not easily separated or defined.
For instance, the deferrer tends to seek out "folksy," personal accounts of cancer survivorship.
Teachers sometimes defer to their students, parents sometimes defer to their children, and supervisors frequently defer to their employees, all in the face of actual belief by the deferrer that the decision being deferred to is erroneous.