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One that defies: a staunch defier of tradition.
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(dɪˈfaɪ ər)

a person who defies.
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But where it departs from the Calvinistic Christianity and exhibits him as the defier of Jove, it represents a state of mind which readily appears wherever the doctrine of Theism is taught in a crude, objective form, and which seems the self-defence of man against this untruth, namely a discontent with the believed fact that a God exists, and a feeling that the obligation of reverence is onerous.
My first feeling of fear had passed away, and I thrilled now with a keener zest than I had ever enjoyed when we were the defenders of the law instead of its defiers. The high object of our mission, the consciousness that it was unselfish and chivalrous, the villainous character of our opponent, all added to the sporting interest of the adventure.
Dans un discours prononce lors de la journee de la femme dans la ville de Vryburg, Ramaphosa a declare que le phenomene semble defier les efforts du gouvernement pour lutter contre les abus sexuels envers les femmes.
C'etait tellement fatal pour les Lions de l'Atlas qui se trouvaient dans l'obligation de defier l'Afrique du sud dans une 3 e et derniere sortie pour esperer se qualifier.
Austrian composer Gulda was one of the Classical pianists who marked the post-war time, a fervent and accomplished jazz musician, a master of improvisation and a defier of aesthetic conservatism.
Chekkat a appele a l'elaboration d'une strategie de prevention visant a defier l'ideologie derriere l'extremisme violent et a contrer ceux qui pronent la violence.
The Age Defier: Ageless Elixir Miracle Foundation has instant and long-term benefits, a two-in-one formula that provides flawless coverage while protecting against UV-induced signs of aging, for women who suffer from aged, tired-looking skin.
Creeden distributed a short survey titled "How Do You Procrastinate?" which attendees filled-out and scored, matching their scores to a handout with six styles of procrastination: perfectionist, dreamer, worrier, defier, crisis-maker and over-doer.
He was then, and is now, completely obsessed, the supreme professional, the defier of pain.
Organized around three types of tough Jews--the defier, the gangster, and the hero--Moscowitz cites three purposes that guide A culture of Tough Jews: at its core the book reifies the figure of the vital Jew, conceives theoretical application of rhetorical regeneration as a resource for rhetorical invention, and presents a case study for postmodern critique of intercultural identity plus politics.
Le vainqueur ira defier en barrage intercontinental aller-retour le 5e de la zone Amsud pour decrocher un billet pour le Mondial par ce biais.