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de·file 1

tr.v. de·filed, de·fil·ing, de·files
1. To make filthy or dirty; pollute: defile a river with sewage.
2. To debase the pureness or excellence of; corrupt: a country landscape that was defiled by urban sprawl.
3. To profane or sully (a reputation, for example).
4. To make unclean or unfit for ceremonial use; desecrate: defile a temple.
5. To have sexual intercourse with (a woman who is a virgin).

[Middle English defilen, alteration (influenced by filen, to befoul, from Old English fȳlan; see pū̆- in Indo-European roots) of defoulen, to trample on, abuse, pollute, from Old French defouler, to trample, full cloth : de-, de- + fouler, to trample, beat down; see full2.]

de·file′ment n.
de·fil′er n.

de·file 2

intr.v. de·filed, de·fil·ing, de·files
To move in single file or in files or columns: The soldiers defiled from the fort, arms raised in surrender.
1. A narrow gorge or pass that restricts lateral movement, as of troops.
2. A march in a line.

[French défiler : dé-, away, off (from Old French de-; see de-) + file, line, file (from Old French filer, to spin thread, march in line; see file1). N., from French défilé, from past participle of défiler.]
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Noun1.defilement - the state of being polluteddefilement - the state of being polluted    
dirtiness, uncleanness - the state of being unsanitary




[dɪˈfaɪlmənt] N [of person, community] → corrupción f; [of sacred thing, memory] → profanación f; [of language] → corrupción f; [of woman] → deshonra f


nVerschmutzung f, → Verunreinigung f; (= desecration)Schändung f, → Entweihung f


[dɪˈfaɪlmənt] n (frm) → deturpazione f
References in classic literature ?
I rose shaking the ashes from me, and went without the kraal to wash away their defilement.
The Hajji stood in the gate guarding his skirts from defilement.
Its panels were delightfully irregular, its angles faultlessly faulty, its one modern defilement a strong lock to the lid.
No sound reaches one of all the roar and jar of humanity, the air is clear and sweet beyond the thought of defilement.
For hardly have we mortals by long toilings extracted from the world's vast bulk its small but valuable sperm; and then, with weary patience, cleansed ourselves from its defilements, and learned to live here in clean tabernacles of the soul; hardly is this done, when -- There she blows
Doubtless one leading reason why the world declines honoring us whalemen, is this: they think that, at best, our vocation amounts to a butchering sort of business; and that when actively engaged therein, we are surrounded by all manner of defilements.
In those pleasant little towns on Thames, you may hear the fall of the water over the weirs, or even, in still weather, the rustle of the rushes; and from the bridge you may see the young river, dimpled like a young child, playfully gliding away among the trees, unpolluted by the defilements that lie in wait for it on its course, and as yet out of hearing of the deep summons of the sea.
Ezeigbo who pleaded not guilty to the act is standing trial on a two count charge bordering on assault and defilement.
The Chemist's tardy response in providing results has led to cases related to defilement, sodomy, rape and murder dragging on for years.
In recent months, cases of defilement have been on the rise in the county.
How does one 'evangelize' such diverse communities of wealth and poverty, in strife over religion, ethnicity, territory, self-determination, environmental depletion, defilement by dictatorial tendencies, and greed?
Feehily pleaded guilty last November to four sample charges of defilement of a child at various locations in Galway between January 1, 2013, and October 12, 2014.