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n. pl. de·fin·i·en·da (-də)
A word or expression that is being defined.

[Latin dēfīniendum, neuter gerundive of dēfīnīre, to define; see define.]
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n, pl -da (-də)
(Linguistics) something to be defined, esp the term or phrase to be accounted for in a dictionary entry. Compare definiens
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(dɪˌfɪn iˈɛn dəm)

n., pl. -da (-də).
a term that is or is to be defined.
[1870–75; < Latin dēfīniendum, neuter ger. of dēfīnīre]
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1. an expression that has to be defined in terms of a previously defined expression.
2. anything that has to be defined. — definienda, n., pl.
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No entanto, se o "e" que relaciona definiendum e definiens for lido como o da definicao, a resposta dada nao tera de ser inserida num contexto predicativo.
7-8), or "improve upon the definiendum by refining or supplementing its meaning" (Quine 1951, p.
In other words, the definition of each definiendum (defined term) L and U necessarily takes the other term as a definiens (definitional parameter).
Secondly, the definition shows how cultural elements may be called instead of determining distinctive features of the definiendum. Finally, the predicate "cultural" is the component of both the definiendum and the definiens, which means that it remains unspecified.
Sem embargo, ela e de fato importante para compreender o que os realistas metodologicos querem dizer quando usam a expressao "atribuir um significado a uma disposicao" como o definiens do definiendum "interpretacao juridica".
However a good theory shows that the created concept cannot be nothing else than the definiendum. In the case of a given theory you can check it quite easily with the "what is X?" test.