defining moment

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defin′ing mo′ment

a point at which the essential nature or character of a person, group, etc., is revealed or identified.
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It's a different vibe around the team, everything's just different," Durant said with a smile during the post-match press conference. "I am not done playing basketball yet, so I don't really look at these as defining moments. I don't want to downplay anything, but I don't want to act like this is the end of the road.
She also said Pakistan is going through defining moments. We for the first time are completing ten years of democracy without any interruption.
What if we could create more opportunities for these defining moments in our lives and in the lives of our children?
Defining Moments: The Constitution and the Bill of Rights
The Stonewall Riots: Defining Moments. Omnigraphics, 2016.
Synopsis: "Defining Moments: The Stonewall Riots" by Luarie Collier Hillstrom provides a detailed account of the New York City police raid of June 28, 1969 on a popular gay bar that launched a six-day series of violent protests and inspired the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) civil rights movement in the United States.
Synopsis: In Defining Moments, Joseph LeBlanc takes us on a journey through times and happenings in his life firm in the belief that so many of these moments have been lived by each of us in countless ways that are, in the end, so much the same.
"So many athletes, not just boxers, don't get their defining moment. I've probably had seven or eight defining moments, but the biggest and best was on the platform of Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 fans.
"It was one of the defining moments of my life, when I knew that I had just smashed it."
This volume of Omnigraphic's Defining Moments series focuses on the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair, a three-day musical festival that became an enduring symbol of the hippy counterculture of the 1960s.