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v. de·flat·ed, de·flat·ing, de·flates
a. To release contained air or gas from.
b. To collapse by releasing contained air or gas.
2. To reduce or lessen the size or importance of: Losing the contest deflated my ego.
3. Economics
a. To reduce the amount or availability of (currency or credit), effecting a decline in prices.
b. To produce deflation in (an economy).
To be or become deflated: The balloon deflated slowly.

de·fla′tor n.
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Noun1.deflator - a statistical factor designed to remove the effect of inflation; inflation adjusted variables are in constant dollars
factor - any of the numbers (or symbols) that form a product when multiplied together


[diːˈfleɪtəʳ] Nmedida f deflacionista
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For the two other components of GNP that include computers--the change in business inventories and PCE--no use was made of the new deflators because separately identifiable estimates were not available.
Estimates of real spending are computed from survey data on current-dollar, spending and from estimated capital goods price deflators developed by BEA.
To look more closely at the sources of changes in the NAICS 334 deflator and their potential consequences for broader aggregates, I employed the NBER-CES manufacturing database, which has data on nominal value-added and shipments deflators for 30 six-digit manufacturing industries in NAICS 334 from 1958 through 2011.
For use in deflating R&D for the national accounts, the authors concluded that at the macro level, the impact on R&D investment and GDP is not greatly affected by the choice of industry-specific or aggregate deflators. Given the tradeoff between computational complexity and precision, an aggregate deflator for business R&D has substantial appeal.
More times than not, while on a survey, we see the Emergency Tire Deflators are either locked up in a tool box or not advertised within the spaces as to where it is located.
An examination of GDP components and price deflators provides reasons to be skeptical of the positive correlation between the CPI and the IP.
In addition to these factors, when valuating a metals recycling business, a number of common value deflators should also be avoided.
In particular, the p-values of the [J.sub.T] obtained using the NFB and PCE deflators are virtually zero.
The adjustment is calculated by applying the following deflators to the financial perspective (at 1999 prices):- A cumulative deflator of 6.12% for the period 2000-2002 to the ceiling for Heading 1 (Agriculture) and Heading 2 (Regional policy).- The cumulative GNP deflator in Euros for 2000-2002 (6.64%) to the other ceilings, apart from Subheading 6 (Monetary reserve), which is expressed in current prices.
When controlling for different value-added deflators for each state, there is, in fact, a much smoother and almost uninterrupted process of convergence over the sample period.
With the simple model presented above, the implications of different "definitions" of the real money stock (i.e., of different deflators or "numeraires") can be seen by considering different values of [Sigma].