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intr. & tr.v. de·flect·ed, de·flect·ing, de·flects
To turn aside or cause to turn aside; bend or deviate.

[Latin dēflectere : dē-, de- + flectere, to bend.]

de·flect′a·ble adj.
de·flec′tive adj.
de·flec′tor n.
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able to be deflected
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[ClickPress, Fri Aug 23 2019] Chapter 01 -- Executive Summary The report commences with the executive summary of the deflectable catheters market , which includes a summary of the key findings and key statistics of the market.
"Multi-material, multi-layer, deflectable, coil/braid/laser cut reinforcements, and lubricious liners and hydrophilic coatings are some of the more sophisticated tubing requirements OEMs are designing in order to achive these goals," said LaDuca.
A deflectable decapolar catheter was placed in the coronary sinus, which served as a timing and impedance field reference.
[USPRwire, Thu Oct 04 2018] Deflectable catheters are steerable catheters delivery systems that provide assistance to guide catheters, therapeutic devices, stent delivery systems, or other delivery systems into the target location, and are used in navigation of defective or stressed anatomy.
In the RoboSurgeon system, intracorporeal surgical procedures are conducted under the three-dimensional (3D) magnified vision using Endoeye flex 3D deflectable videoscope (Olympus, Tokyo, Japan) and a high-definition 3D organic electroluminescent head-mounted display (Sony Corporation, Tokyo, Japan).
The Medtronic SelectSecure lead has an exposed helix screw with no inner lumen and must be delivered through a fixed sheath (Medtronic 315 His) delivered through a 7 French introducer sheath, or a deflectable sheath (Medtronic SelectSite C304) delivered through a 9Fr introducer sheath.
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A 6-French octapolar deflectable catheter was deployed in the left atrial appendage via the right femoral vein for activation reference.
The recent developments of small-calibre semi-rigid and flexible deflectable ureteroscopes and of diminutive intracorporeal lithotripsy probes have made retrograde access to urinary calculi throughout the entire ureter more feasible and less risky.[sup.8,9]