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 (dĭ-flĕkst′, dē′flĕkst′)
adj. Botany
Bent or turned abruptly downward at a sharp angle: deflexed petals.

[From Latin dēflexus, past participle of dēflectere, to bend; see deflect.]


(dɪˈflɛkst; ˈdiːflɛkst)
(Botany) (of leaves, petals, etc) bent sharply outwards and downwards



bent abruptly downward.
[1820–30; < Latin dēflex(us), past participle of deflectere (see deflect) + -ed2]
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barrelieri from Spain and North Africa, have calyces that are deflexed downward in fruit (Hedge, 1974), but it is not known if they exhibit hygroscopic movement in association with mericarp release.
Diagnosis: This has the claw-like deflexed compound setae in posterior setigers, as well as an anterior dorsal tooth on the pharynx.
In the Johnson's formula, correction was made for station of the head and obesity; but factors like liquor volume, site of placenta, deflexed head and moulding of the head remained.
2 cm long, glabrous outside, green to green and pale yellow, often suffused with maroon especially around the base, green inside, tube straight, 9-14 x 2-3 mm at its midpoint, base and throat ventricose, lobes erect, with acute apices, slightly unequal in size, dorsal lobes oblong-triangular, falcate, 10-15 x 3-5 mm, lateral lobes oblong-triangular, falcate, 5-7 x 2-3 mm, ventral lobe ovate, deflexed, 4-5 x 4 mm; filament tube 2-2.
The most common identified cause of non-engaged head was deflexed head in 28(28%) while no cause was found in 45(45%) women.
Pileus 2 cm wide hemispheric to convex viscid whenwet brown to dark brown margins smooth deflexed tostraight.
Pronotum flattened, smooth, subelliptical, sides deflexed, wider behind the middle, and all angles broadly rounded.
5-2 mm wide, glabrous, evenly dark purple, laterally compressed, with 2 truncate or somewhat dorsally inclined circular pores; connective thickened dorsally near the point of filament insertion and dilated basally into a short deflexed caudiform appendage.
The female subgenital plate is gently sinuate to the distal spatulate process and the posterolateral corners of mediosternite VI are slightly expanded and deflexed.
In addition, the bow comes with Bowtech's CPX center pivot extreme deflexed riser.