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She was then brought to the Barangay Captain and the police and was later subjected to physical examination which found that she was positive for defloration due to obliterated "vaginal rugosities.
The bolster at the base stands for the matriarchal ancestor, and the tiny pillow at the top represents the young bride, whose existence will culminate in the day of marriage and defloration.
women enter the nuptial bed, Persian women may resist defloration by
Gilbert describes those experiences with the delightful phrase "gastronomic defloration.
Alexander breaks with this tradition by equating Eilonwy's surrender of magic blood to her defloration in the marriage-bed and granting her absolute power over the situation.
The employment of enjambment invokes these overtones of defloration.
34) While a paucity of sources makes our ability to reconstruct typical Greek defloration difficult, there is a basis for the claim that in classical times blood was expected to appear at first intercourse (Dean-Jones 1991, 52).
The external genitalia were normal but the hymen was still intact with no evidence of defloration.
Not only our wives and daughters, but also yours will in libidinous manner be prosecuted by our slaves with rape and defloration, and when, after all this out of the pit of murdered citizens a Saint Domingo has risen, then may God grant that we be no more amongst the living, but then you yourselves will be compelled by the slaves who fought themselves free to carry the bones of your wife and your child to make a monument of their freedom obtained by fire and murder.
Indeed, she is always only a "bride," never a wife or partner; she can never move beyond the position of anticipated defloration into a stable and secure identity.
3) In another case, documented in detail by Barahona, Mari Sanz de Millica (1634-36) charged Diego de Irusta, a wealthy local politician, with the crime of defloration.