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Jane Fitton A Yes, that sounds like the gooseberry sawfly - its caterpillar larvae can completely defoliate a gooseberry bush, and you may find your crop reduced next year.
It rarely kills a tree or seriously affects its health, though in more severe cases a tree may defoliate.
At the very least, defoliate your plants come winter to prevent disease from carrying into the next season.
The CDFA calls the species "one of the most destructive pests," adding that it favors trees but has been known to defoliate the leaves of 500 types of plants.
Remove these as when hatched as caterpillars they can completely defoliate your plant.
Halysidota Hiibner (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) species include caterpillars that defoliate Moraceae and Myrtaceae plants, e.g., Halysidota orientalis Rothschild, which defoliated Morus alba L.
Without repeated spraying to control them, they will totally defoliate the lilies and destroy the plants.
Weinstein, 90, best known for settling mass claims that totalled $330 million for Vietnam War veterans injured by the Army's use of "Agent Orange" from Dow Chemical (NYSE: DOW) and Monsanto (NYSE: MON) to defoliate forests, was honored as grand marshal of the Memorial Day parade in his home community of Great Neck, N.Y.
Mr Gates added: "They often completely defoliate complete hedgerows but they usually recover quite quickly."