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 (dē′fôr-mā′shən, dĕf′ər-)
a. The act or process of deforming.
b. The condition of being deformed.
2. An alteration of form for the worse.
3. Physics
a. An alteration of shape, as by pressure or stress.
b. The shape that results from such an alteration.

de′for·ma′tion·al adj.
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of or relating to deformation
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Adj.1.deformational - relating to or causing change in either shape or size of a material body or geometric figure
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When the genetic syndromes or deformational factors disrupt fetal growth, thus results in micrognathia and causes retro positioning of the tongue.
More specifically, the deformational modelling involved in concepts like 'free market' or 'rational agent' fits into Leszek Nowak's general typology of deformational procedures as an example of quantitative deformation (positive potentialization).
Layer-parallel-shortening strain: a key to the Sevier-Laramide deformational sequence in the Tendoy Range, southwestern Montana.
When considering the deformational response of tall buildings, inter-story drifts must be taken into account for the design of individual structural elements.
[22,23] However, studies comparing the cartilage morphology of physically inactive subjects with that of athletes have shown that deformational behavior of the cartilage in the short-term after exercise is similar.
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In a tectonic point of view the Meiganga area and its surroundings are characterized by four major deformational phases [15].
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Soft deformational structures affecting sedimentary rocks may develop during and after their deposition.