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 (dē′fôr-mā′shən, dĕf′ər-)
a. The act or process of deforming.
b. The condition of being deformed.
2. An alteration of form for the worse.
3. Physics
a. An alteration of shape, as by pressure or stress.
b. The shape that results from such an alteration.

de′for·ma′tion·al adj.


of or relating to deformation
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Adj.1.deformational - relating to or causing change in either shape or size of a material body or geometric figure
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Moni Trend: Test highly prospective targets along a 1 km strike including the Moni Prospect and the 101 Prospect, drilling 2,200 m in 18 holes, including a closely spaced drill array on the Moni Prospect to assess continuity of high-grade gold found at surface as well as structural and deformational elements.
Complex thermal and deformational events provided ideal temperature and pressure for the formation of ruby, garnet, gold and other minerals of economic importance.
The characteristic that links the strength (M, N) and deformational (1/r, [epsilon]) parameters, can be stiffness of element in a certain cross section.
Molding therapy for infants with deformational auricular anomalies.
Deformational plagiocephaly (DP) is the leading cause of head shape abnormalities in infants, and it is characterized by an asymmetrical distortion of the skull resulting from external forces (Rogers, 2011a, b).
This paper is intended for deformational analysis of newly cast flexural concrete-UHPFRC/RC composite members.
The orientation and style of these folds is very significant in order to determine the deformational pattern of the Kalabagh Hills.
In this report plagiocephaly is referring to non-synostotic, positional, or deformational plagiocephaly, colloquially, a flat head.
Petrographic and microstructural evidence indicate that they are multiply deformed with at least three deformational events ([D.
The broad band around 3500 cm may be attributed to surface silanols and water molecules adsorbed, and the band at 1630 cm-1 is deformational vibration peak of it.