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"No!" said Barbicane decidedly, "but a world which has grown old quicker, and whose formation and deformation have been more rapid.
That's a case of deformation of character, any way.'
Won, "Measurement of precise three-dimensional volcanic deformations via TerraSAR-X synthetic aperture radar interferometry," Remote Sensing of Environment, vol.
Under the effect of long-term loads, the rock block and the structural plane constituting the rock mass both undergo rheological deformations. The aging-related mechanical behavior of rock mass is the result of these interactions [7, 8].
The analysis of the results of horizontal deformations and movement of points due to the convergence of salt caverns used for storing gaseous and liquid fuels together with the analysis of the results of measurements made during the extraction of fluid deposits show clearly that the value of the Avershin's proportionality index, known in the literature as the horizontal deformation factor B, for the deformations over the cavern fields in a salt rock mass or surface deformations resulting from the extraction of fluid deposits are vastly different from the standard values of this index as provided by Budryk (1953).
Li, "A Non-rigid registration of the cerebral CT images with large deformations," hinese Journal of Biomedical Engineering, vol.
An exponential term to describe the water change looks logical watching the data shape, but in this case the formulation would be applied to great piezometric changes (around 190 m between 1960 and 2012), generating deformations extremely high and incoherent.
The projection method effectiveness was thoroughly studied for many types of antennas, as, for example, 1 x 4 and 1 x 6 linear arrays placed on surfaces that change shape in time [5-7] and planar arrays subject to cylindrical [8], spherical [9], and asymmetrical [10] surface deformations. All the aforementioned works adopt the PM in order to recover the pattern of broadside arrays, but a common requirement when dealing with phased arrays is to dynamically steer the main lobe towards different desired directions.
Therefore, buried pipelines are prone to deformations although seemingly keeping far away from the mining goafs [1, 2].
The results of the tests presented below refer to recorded deformations of models of a planar module of the spatial vehicle bottom structure with a surface area of 1 m2, fitted with an 830 x 830 x 80 mm absorber.
However, due to the complicated engineering characteristics of the reinforced soil retaining wall itself, the nonlinear changes of various factors in different conditions, and the interaction between various factors, the deformation characteristics of the reinforced retaining wall are relatively complex.
The main difficulty in forging superheavy forgings is the huge deformation resistance; in the forging process, alloy steel with a large grain size is deformed at a very low strain rate.