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tr.v. de·fragged, de·frag·ing, de·frags Informal
To defragment.

de·frag′ger n.
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vb, -frags, -fragging or -fragged
(Electronics) to consolidate fragmented files and folders on (the hard drive of a computer or other electronic device) in order to make it run more efficiently
[short for defragment]
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Selena can defrag my hard mio hard disk volentieri (CST) drive at any time Stai dicendo che i dolori se li e You were faking those abdominal inventati?
We also turned off the auto defrag function and used the computer for several weeks without defragging.
Winternals Software, a provider of Microsoft systems recovery and data protection solutions, has announced the release of Defrag Manager 4.0, the latest version of the company's Windows enterprise defragmentation solution.
It still makes sense to defrag once in a while, though unless it's for a network file server, there's usually no need to buy a separate program for this beyond what comes with Windows itself.
Several readers suggested a simpler way: Start the computer in Safe Mode, and then, when the defrag is finished, simply reboot.
- New Machine Information Report in the new administrative console which gives detailed information about each machine such as machine URL, Diskeeper edition and version, volume size, free space, next scheduled defrag, boot-time schedule details and much, much more.
This means running scandisk, defrag, deleting temporary files, and managing startup programs.
But if you couldn't begin to run a Defrag, sit down and pay attention.
When you first install Diskeeper, Executive Software recommends you defragment once, then run the boot-time defrag as needed to get the master file table (MFT), directory, and paging files contiguous.
Does that manager really have the time to delete old email, defrag drives, and so on?
A: Saving your OE contact lists is something that really should be done as a matter of course, (a bit like system maintenance, defrag, anti-virus scans etc), as opposed to only when you think of it.
Computers can also be setup to automatically run antivirus software and other utilities such as Defrag and Scandisk.