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tr.v. de·fragged, de·frag·ing, de·frags Informal
To defragment.

de·frag′ger n.


vb, -frags, -fragging or -fragged
(Electronics) to consolidate fragmented files and folders on (the hard drive of a computer or other electronic device) in order to make it run more efficiently
[short for defragment]
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In addition to Advanced System Optimizer, the company also offers: Memory Zipper Plus, an application that defrags RAM, repairs memory leaks, and frees memory; Boost XP, a utility to tweak your Windows registry, clean your hard drive, erase your tracks, and change your wallpaper;
I turn off my programs working in the background, but when I try to defrag it only defrags 29 per cent.
Diskeeper defrags your hard drive while you continue to work.