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tr.v. de·frayed, de·fray·ing, de·frays
To undertake the payment of (costs or expenses); pay.

[French défrayer, from Old French desfrayer : des-, de- + *frai, expense (from Latin frāctum, from neuter past participle of frangere, to break; see bhreg- in Indo-European roots).]

de·fray′a·ble adj.
de·fray′al n.
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Noun1.defrayal - the act of paying money
commerce, commercialism, mercantilism - transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services)
amortisation, amortization - payment of an obligation in a series of installments or transfers
fee splitting - payment (usually by doctors or lawyers) of part of the fee in return for the referral
overpayment - the act of paying too much
prepayment - payment in advance
ransom - payment for the release of someone
repayment, refund - the act of returning money received previously
remuneration - the act of paying for goods or services or to recompense for losses; "adequate remuneration for his work"
rendering - giving in acknowledgment of obligation
outlay, spending, disbursal, disbursement - the act of spending or disbursing money
tribute - payment by one nation for protection by another
underpayment - the act of paying less than required
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[dɪˈfreɪəl] defrayment [dɪˈfreɪmənt] Npago m
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, defrayment
nÜbernahme f
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Presided by His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, RCO Board of Trustees Chairman, the Royal Charity Organization assumes the supervision of the defrayal and follow-up of this customary Royal gift to these families before the holy month of Ramadan each year to cater for their subsistence needs and necessities and alleviate the cost of living for them.
That at this foundation meeting decisions would have to be made as to whether the proposed association would be a country-wide organisation or one with regional branches; also concerning the date, place and frequency of meetings; concerning the defrayal of expenses of conferences; and any other matters that might arise;
Most of the calls focused on questions pertaining to the status of the housing application from the database, estimated date to become entitled to the service in addition to questions related to follow up of transactions of defrayal of three types: purchase, construction and repair housing loans.
These examples may be helpful in clarifying the application of the defrayal of cost rules to nonparty e-discovery.
According to Plano Safra submitted by the Ministry of Agrarian Development for the 2012/2013 agricultural year, farmers will have at their disposal R$ 18 billion in Pronaf defrayal, investment and marketing lines.
Such assistance could be in the form of periodic financial grants, defrayal of procurement cost of study materials, installation of ICT components and purchase of other library equipments.
Examples of active employment measures are: counseling and career guidance, job placement, job creation schemes, wage subsidies, training measures to improve integration prospects, and the defrayal of retraining costs during participation in further vocational training.
This increase was directed mostly to the implantation and continuous defrayal of the new public municipal service units instituted by the SUAS, especially the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS), social assistance units that constitute the front door to the system.
Furthermore, the revenue they generate is no longer "bonus money," but is now a vital part of the community's overall financial make-up through added revenue, expense reduction and cost defrayal.
The EU executive found fault firstly with aid in the form of a staggering of personal social security contributions for farms in financial difficulties, provided that these difficulties do not jeopardise their viability, and, secondly, with the partial defrayal of interest payments due on bank loans taken out by pig breeders for their initial investments in pig production.