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The univariate analysis showed that greater age of child and the mother, higher family income and maternal schooling, being most of the time in the daycare center, and defs superior to one were associated with seeking dental consultation.
[20] presented a dynamic en-route filtering scheme called "DEFS".
(60) Webster's International Dictionary of the English Language (rev ed, 1895), 'observance' (def 2).
Def., FACEBOOK, forpublicdefense/ (quoting Memphis Public Defender Melody Dernocoeur).
Chantelle tweeted: "Scotty T is proper mint he's defs ganna win", while Kirby Lake posted: "I am going to be watching CBB purely for scotty T".
Oder schrifftmassige und aufs dem wahren innerlichen Christenthnmb hargenommene, gewissenhaffte Pruffnng defs Taufferthums (Bern, 16931.
H&P-V insisted that its complaint, which emphasizes the Venezuelan government's well-known anti-American sentiment, as well as PDVSA's statements decrying the "American empire," successfully pleads a discriminatory takings claim, while Venezuela urged the Court not to "be the first to revive the overturned Second Circuit precedent" because "there is no internationally recognized exception--based on 'discrimination' or otherwise--to the domestic takings rule." Defs.' Cross Br.
It's the one with the aria that you'll defs know and is the satirical tale of relatives squabbling on the deathbed of Buoso.
(19) 'Sensible', defs. 6 and 7, in Samuel Johnson's Dictionary, ed.
[25, 26] proposed a differential-evolution-based feature selection (DEFS) technique which is shown schematically in Figure 6.
name ::= "string of characters" S [member of] Stmts ::= [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Defs ::= (name = S); Defs | [epsilon].
(18,20,23,24) In some countries, however, recent studies still documented a decline in mean defs scores.