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Having ceased to exist or live: a defunct political organization.

[Latin dēfūnctus, past participle of dēfungī, to finish : dē-, de- + fungī, to perform.]

de·func′tive adj.
de·funct′ness n.
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Indeed, most of the extant light takes on the dangerous qualities of "stagnant pools." The light at Miss Reba's had a "spent quality; defunctive, exhausted--a protracted weariness like a vitiated backwater beyond sunlight." The comparison of light to "vitiated backwater" underlines "flesh stale and oft-assailed" (144), the kind of corporeal deterioration and despair yielded by the Salmacis myth.
Additional resonances are found in the defunctive swansong of "Tithon"/"Tithonus." "Tithonus" begins: