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tr.v. de·fund·ed, de·fund·ing, de·funds
To stop the flow of funds to: "Some days, they wake up with a burning desire to defund the Public Broadcasting System and the National Endowment for the Arts" (Joe Conason).


vb (tr)
1. to remove the funds from (a person, organization, or scheme)
2. archaic to pour down



to withdraw financial support from: to defund a government program.
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On this week's TribCast, Emily talks with Ross, Alexa and Patrick about the state's move to defund Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton's Texas endorsements, and the vice presidential chatter around HUD Secretary and former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.
To defund Planned Parenthood, APHA argued, would leave millions of people without access to comprehensive reproductive health care.
WASHINGTON * House Republicans began their effort to defund Planned Parenthood Sept.
The recent 3-2 vote by the Executive Council to defund Planned Parenthood of Northern New England is not only bad public policy for New Hampshire women and families, it's also a bad business decision for our state.
Republicans are pushing hard to defund Planned Parenthood, which received $538 million federal dollars in 2014.
Tenders are invited for yeleswaram nagara panchayat- drilling of 175mm dia defund bore well at yeleswaram saibabamett and supply and delivery of bore well materials under asc grant 2012-13
The "private option" plan to use federal Medicaid funds to purchase private insurance for the poor was reauthorized last week, surviving an attempt to defund the program.
introduced an amendment to defund a Defense Department purchase of 30 Russian Mi-17 helicopters.
If the defund cause was always futile as some of us argued, why spend weeks pursuing a strategy he knew would fail?
According to Politico, a defensive Cruz had no clear plan to bring an end to the shutdown or explain how he would defund Obamacare, as he has demanded all along.
House Republicans are shifting tactics with the knowledge Senate Democrats will delete a provision out of a spending bill it approved last week that would defund the health care program, also known as Obamacare.