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tr.v. de·gaussed, de·gauss·ing, de·gauss·es
1. To neutralize the magnetic field of (a ship, for example).
2. To erase information from (a magnetic disk or other storage device).

[de- + gauss.]

de·gauss′er n.


(General Physics) a device that degausses
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Solicitation: - Solicitation for degausser and hard drive crusher
Through this alliance, Blancco's erasure software will be backed by Kroll Ontrack's erasure and validation services as well as Ontrack Eraser(TM) Degausser, providing Kroll Ontrack's global customer base with a full end-to-end erasure strategy supported by a more expansive data erasure software suite in terms of supported media and platforms.
Harding reveals that GCHQ also provided its own machine known as a degausser, able to "destroy magnetic fields, thereby erasing hard drives and data".
The degausser must have a high enough coercivity rating (magnetic power) to overcome the drive's magnetic field and completely erase its stored information.
Using certified data wiping software that overwrites all hard drive data or using a degausser, which wipes the data using a strong magnetic force to render the device no longer usable, are the two safest ways to ensure private data is deleted, Reinert said.
Certified data wiping software such as Ontrack[R] Eraser, which overwrites all the data on the hard drive, or a degausser that wipes the data using a strong magnetic force rendering the device no longer usable, are the two safest methods to ensure private data is wiped and does not fall into the wrong hands.
It satisfies National Security Agency requirements for physical destruction of drives after they have been degaussed by an NSA-listed degausser.
Global Banking News-19 February 2009-QSGI Integrates Fujitsu Mag EraSURE Data Degausser into its Suite of Information Technology Security Services; Industry-Leading Degaussing Solution Permanently Disposes Magnetically Recorded Data to Help QSGI's Customers Bolster Information Security and Satisfy Compliance Requirements(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
The Mag EraSURE ME-P3M degausser from Security Engineered Machinery of Westboro, Massachusetts, completely and permanently removes confidential in formation from hard drives and other magnetic media.
However, many secure destruction companies are finding that locating the degausser at a shredding plant can allow them to handle a larger volume of electronic material more quickly than a smaller piece of equipment located on a mobile unit is capable of handling.
On a DLT tape with 80GB of compressed data, an industrial strength degausser must be employed.
Risk of confidential data exposure if damaged drives are not destroyed with a degausser or shredder