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tr.v. de·glam·or·ized, de·glam·or·iz·ing, de·glam·or·iz·es
To make less glamorous: "pressing the entertainment industry to deglamorize the treatment of drugs in films" (Larry Martz).


(diːˈɡlæməˌraɪz) or


vb (tr)
to make (a person or thing) less glamorous


or de•glam•our•ize

(diˈglæm əˌraɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to reduce the appeal or status of.
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Irrfan and Nawazuddin have already proved their mettle and by the looks of the film's promos, even the deglamorised Nimrat Kaur looks appealing and convincing in the role of an unattended, lonely wife.
A deglamorised Deepika Padukone impresses in the challenging role of a woman revolutionary of the 1930s.
GLAMOROUS Deepika Padukone has deglamorised herself for Ashutosh Gowariker's period film Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey in which she playing a sariclad freedom fighter.
And yes, I took up the role because it was deglamorised and different.
She looks gorgeous, of course, - yet it's a subtly deglamorised Zeta-Jones as Lahiri, in her no-nonsense grey and black designer suits, a shorter, straighter, more practical hairstyle, and minimal make-up; a world away from the va-va-voom man-eating sexuality of Chicago's Vilma Kelly or The Mask of Zorro's Elena.
He presents it in all its cruelty, turning American Psycho into a perpetual chain of serial killing, where the figure of the serial killer is completely deglamorised.
I'd like it defused for women and deglamorised for men, by returning it to the category of aggravated assault.
Anjali, who has done deglamorised roles in her previous outings, appears as a Mumbai-based journalist working for an English daily.
She is very deglamorised in the film just the way I wanted to portray the character," the actress says.
It's refreshing to see Deepika in the role of a deglamorised, uptown girl.
The rather more voluptuous Hayek reportedly heckled Miramax honcho Harvey Weinstein into letting her go for a deglamorised look that included the monobrow, a pair of earlobe extensions, and a bristly upper lip - although even she, somewhat realistically, concedes that the lighting is so beautiful that you can hardly see it on the big screen.