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tr.v. de·glu·ti·nat·ed, de·glu·ti·nat·ing, de·glu·ti·nates
To extract the gluten from (wheat flour, for example).

[Latin dēglūtināre, dēglūtināt- : dē-, de- + glūten, glutin-, glue.]

de·glu′ti·na′tion n.
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There is sufficient evidence to support the fact that alloplastic TMJR leads to increased mouth opening, improved quality of life, decreased pain and diet limitations, and improved essential life functions such as mastication, speech and deglutination. Studies report that up to 88% of TMJR patients experience long term quality of life improvement as a result of decreased pain and increased mandibular function (3-5).
The MAD can be worn full time, except during meals since phonation and deglutination are not as limited.