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 (dē-grēs′, -grēz′)
tr.v. de·greased, de·greas·ing, de·greas·es
To remove grease or fat from: degrease machinery; degrease the sauce.

de·greas′er n.
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(diːˈɡriːsə) or


a substance or product that removes or dissolves grease
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Eyelet had important concerns regarding vapor emissions from its open top degreaser. Al Rickevicius, president of Eyelet, wanted to provide a clean, vapor-free plant atmosphere for his employees.
So, by purchasing what may be a more expensive cleanser, you can eliminate the need for a separate odor counteractant and degreaser.
But you can't just spray it with degreaser and hose it down.
Mean Green Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser has a unique blend of biodegradable detergents, specially formulated for challenging pressure washing applications.
So, what are we looking for in a degreaser? Something that allows doing the job quickly, easily and without having to slide under the airplane with a creeper much, if at all.
Woburn, MA, April 21, 2010 --( Daimer Industries[R] Inc., an internationally-recognized source of green cleaners, plant-based green cleaning chemicals and non-toxic green products, released a public works version of its Eco-Green[R] Ultra-Power[TM] Degreaser, a soy-based degreasing agent that dissolves greasy oil on surfaces and machinery.
Scout Specialties confidently recommends Sprayon S00757 Citrus Cleaner Degreaser to its customers for general purpose cleaning, having found it to outperform against similar degreaser products on the market.
Other manufacturers of household cleaning products have introduced their own products containing orange oil, which is seen by consumers as an effective degreaser and also has a pleasant scent.
Actium is a cleaner and degreaser that lifts and suspends all soil and grease contamination from the pores of mineral and epoxy surfaces.
But for really smeared stains like lipstick, grease or hairspray, orange-based cleaning sprays like Citra-Solv Cleaner and Degreaser work exceptionally well.
Based on the needs specific to an application, a system is customizable from a variety of solid detergents, including all-purpose cleaners (Neutral Cleaner, Rally, Solid Gold), and an emulsion degreaser (Score), a floor finish remover (Deep Scrub), and extraction compound (Extract), and a detergent/disinfectant/deodorizer (Bio Clean).