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 (dĭ-grĕsh′ən, dē-)
A descent by stages or steps.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin dēgressiō, dēgressiōn-, descent, from Latin dēgressus, past participle of dēgredī, to step down : dē-, de- + gradī, to step; see ghredh- in Indo-European roots.]

de·gres′sive adj.
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(Economics) reducing by gradual amounts
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Adj.1.degressive - going down by steps
descending - coming down or downward
2.degressive - (of taxes) gradually decreasing in rate on sums below a certain amount
progressive - (of taxes) adjusted so that the rate increases as the amount of income increases
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Geography of European elections, degressive proportionality and member states representation" (no.
As it is shown in [30], the annual rate for liquefaction potential index, [I.sup.*.sub.LP], shows a degressive character, having a cut-off above certain [I.sup.*.sub.LP], although [a.sub.max] is increasing monotonous with decreasing of annual rate.
It is observed that the pile temperature decreased at a degressive rate.
Along goes a change in the inclination of the temperature from a degressive to progressive run.
Laporte et al., "A randomized double-blind trial of upward progressive versus degressive compressive stockings in patients with moderate to severe chronic venous insufficiency," Journal of Vascular Surgery, vol.
The Communication from the European Commission "Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection and Energy 2014-2020," published in 2014, recommends that subsidies and exemptions become phased out in a degressive way.
Because of the large step range of 6 min, the degressive character of the starting phase of the tool wear progression could not be shown.
The details of this algorithm used in this study were as follows: (1) ordering the elements of the EEG coherence matrix in a degressive order; (2) linking the N nodes with maximal EEG coherence until all the nodes being linked in a loopless subgraph consisting N - 1 edges; (3) skipping the link, if adding this link leading a circle.
This is called "degressive" burning, but soon it became apparent that a "progressive" rifle powder--burning slowest immediately after ignition, then increasing in rate as the projectile moves down the bore--would result in lower peak pressure and higher velocity.