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 (dĭ-grĕsh′ən, dē-)
A descent by stages or steps.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin dēgressiō, dēgressiōn-, descent, from Latin dēgressus, past participle of dēgredī, to step down : dē-, de- + gradī, to step; see ghredh- in Indo-European roots.]

de·gres′sive adj.


(Economics) reducing by gradual amounts
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Adj.1.degressive - going down by steps
descending - coming down or downward
2.degressive - (of taxes) gradually decreasing in rate on sums below a certain amount
progressive - (of taxes) adjusted so that the rate increases as the amount of income increases
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the grades will be degressive according to the ratio (the lowest bid / offer of the candidate) x (the maximum score) criterion rated from 0 to 20 pts.
Bruce Fitch a aussi remis en question certaines initiatives du gouvernement comme la privatisation des services de nettoyage et d'alimentation dans le systeme de sante, l'absence d'une echelle degressive dans le programme d'aide aux etudes et les investissements pour proteger les forets de la tordeuse des bourgeons de l'epinette apres les compressions dans le secteur de la sylviculture.
The Communication from the European Commission "Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection and Energy 2014-2020," published in 2014, recommends that subsidies and exemptions become phased out in a degressive way.
This difference between degressive and progressive powders is why handloaders often disagree about the effect of seating bullet depth.
Le management de l'entreprise avait explique qu'il adoptait une nouvelle strategie concernant les couvertures, celles-ci etant desormais limitees a 3 ans maximum, et basee sur un principe de couverture degressive des quantites produites sans jamais depasser 50% de la production.
Because of the large step range of 6 min, the degressive character of the starting phase of the tool wear progression could not be shown.
Jakub Charvat discovers the dimensions of overrepresentation and underrepresentation in relation to the European Parliament mandates allocation according to the principle of degressive proportionality.
New varifocal safety glasses are prescribed to be used on plant and also a pair of office specific degressive lenses to be used when in the office and just using the computer and doing paperwork.
For the complete range of material condition up to the maximum moisture content, a degressive development in correlation to [a.
For progressive (PPL) or degressive (DPL) powered lenses, the standard requests that prismatic effect is, understandably, measured at the prism reference point and checked according to BS EN ISO 8980-2:2004G the standard which deals with uncut finished spectacles lenses.
To determine fiscal advantages of depreciation, we will simulate the other 2 methods of depreciation: the accelerated and the degressive to see if the tax savings are higher than in the case of depreciation straight-line.