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1. Botany The spontaneous opening at maturity of a plant structure, such as a fruit, anther, or sporangium, to release its contents.
2. Medicine A rupture or splitting open, as of a surgical wound, or of an organ or structure to discharge its contents.

de·his′cent adj.


(Botany) (of fruits, anthers, etc) opening spontaneously to release seeds or pollen
deˈhiscence n
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Adj.1.dehiscent - (of e.g. fruits and anthers) opening spontaneously at maturity to release seeds
indehiscent - (of e.g. fruits) not opening spontaneously at maturity to release seeds
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viridissima) some bumping has been observed among bees at the flowers of Senna species with poricidal dehiscent anthers, but the bees appeared to be only momentarily deflected from foraging.
I'd find books littering the stands like dehiscent peanut shells.
5 cm long, divergent to declined, deciduous, dehiscent, linear and slightly falcate or abruptly upturned at tip, subterete, usually submoniliform, thinly coriaceous, strigose.
Fruits indehiscent, baccate Bromelioideae Fruits dehiscent, capsular 2 2.
A novel surgical technique for management of tinnitus due to high dehiscent jugular bulb.
At surgery, a 1x1 cm dehiscent area in the right sphenoid sinus was present.
Clavien classification of complications in study groups Clavien Complications Number of Number of classification patients patients in Group in Group 1 2 Grade 1 Elevation of 8 2 body temperature Grade II Infection of the 1 - incision site Blood 5 4 transfusion Incisional - - hernia Urinary tract 4 1 infection Grade IIIa Urinary leakage 1 - requiring catheterization Grade IIIb Closure of 1 - dehiscent noninfected wound in the OR under local anesthesia Renal venous 3 1 bleeding Grade IVa Vena cava 1 - injury Grade IVb Colonic injury - - Total (%) 24 (27) 8(18) Table 4.
Arabidopsis siliques are dehiscent, meaning that they automatically rupture and release the seed at maturity.
He seems content to be as wasteful as dehiscent nature herself.
Such an elegant product encourages excellent patient compliance among the largest population of wound patients, including those who suffer from pressure ulcers and dehiscent wounds.