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intr.v. de·hisced, de·hisc·ing, de·hisc·es
1. Botany To open at definite places, discharging seeds, pollen, or other contents, as the ripe capsules or pods of some plants.
2. Medicine To rupture or break open, as a surgical wound.

[Latin dehīscere : dē-, de- + hīscere, to split, inchoative of hiāre, to be open.]


(Botany) (intr) (of fruits, anthers, etc) to burst open spontaneously, releasing seeds, pollen, etc
[C17: from Latin dēhiscere to split open, from de- + hiscere to yawn, gape]



v.i. -hisced, -hisc•ing.
to burst open, as capsules of plants; gape.
[1650–60; < Latin dēhiscere to gape, part =dē- de- + hiscere to gape, yawn]


Past participle: dehisced
Gerund: dehiscing

I dehisce
you dehisce
he/she/it dehisces
we dehisce
you dehisce
they dehisce
I dehisced
you dehisced
he/she/it dehisced
we dehisced
you dehisced
they dehisced
Present Continuous
I am dehiscing
you are dehiscing
he/she/it is dehiscing
we are dehiscing
you are dehiscing
they are dehiscing
Present Perfect
I have dehisced
you have dehisced
he/she/it has dehisced
we have dehisced
you have dehisced
they have dehisced
Past Continuous
I was dehiscing
you were dehiscing
he/she/it was dehiscing
we were dehiscing
you were dehiscing
they were dehiscing
Past Perfect
I had dehisced
you had dehisced
he/she/it had dehisced
we had dehisced
you had dehisced
they had dehisced
I will dehisce
you will dehisce
he/she/it will dehisce
we will dehisce
you will dehisce
they will dehisce
Future Perfect
I will have dehisced
you will have dehisced
he/she/it will have dehisced
we will have dehisced
you will have dehisced
they will have dehisced
Future Continuous
I will be dehiscing
you will be dehiscing
he/she/it will be dehiscing
we will be dehiscing
you will be dehiscing
they will be dehiscing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been dehiscing
you have been dehiscing
he/she/it has been dehiscing
we have been dehiscing
you have been dehiscing
they have been dehiscing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been dehiscing
you will have been dehiscing
he/she/it will have been dehiscing
we will have been dehiscing
you will have been dehiscing
they will have been dehiscing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been dehiscing
you had been dehiscing
he/she/it had been dehiscing
we had been dehiscing
you had been dehiscing
they had been dehiscing
I would dehisce
you would dehisce
he/she/it would dehisce
we would dehisce
you would dehisce
they would dehisce
Past Conditional
I would have dehisced
you would have dehisced
he/she/it would have dehisced
we would have dehisced
you would have dehisced
they would have dehisced
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Verb1.dehisce - burst or split open; "flowers dehisce when they release pollen"
push through, break through, erupt, come out - break out; "The tooth erupted and had to be extracted"
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Viability of orchid seeds tends to deteriorate quickly after dehiscing, mainly due to fluctuation in temperature and humidity (Batty et al.
Rather, what I am suggesting is that the subject of taste is a subject in suspension, someone who betrays all in dehiscing the self through cinematic splicing, editing, revision, and re-composition.
lucida flower displays many characteristics classically associated with pollination by bumble bees: pendulous fragrant blossoms with an urceolate corolla that contains a hidden nectar-secreting disc at the base of the ovary and poricidally dehiscing anthers (Judd, 1981; Faegri and van der Pijl, 1979; Proctor et al, 1996; Willmer, 2011).
At this level, the assumption is that the organization is a set of people by different spiritual viewpoints and organizations' leaders should perceive people's religious variety and accept it and also prepare the way for dehiscing this variety.
Increasing the number of layers of closure may minimize the risk for the suture line dehiscing.
Four stamens are adnate and reach the stigma level after anthesis, with a kidney-shaped anther dehiscing longitudinally, shedding oval- to sphere-shaped pollen grains that are 50 to 60 [micro]m in size (Chauhan et al.
More recently, Taylor and Clark (1983) recognized that the Ferocactus section includes species with a larger hilum-micropylar region (HMR), dried fruit dehiscing by a basal pole and glossy seed testas.
3 x 1-2 cm, glabrescent, dehiscing from the top to the bottom; seeds triangular, black to dark brown, 4-6 x 4-6 mm, about 1 mm thick, flattened, wingless, raphe prominulous and with membranose extensions as large as the seed itself (Fig.
Other scutella quickly turned from green to yellow and more slowly turned brown in color (Table 3) and only yellow or brown scutella were observed dehiscing.
In Euphorbiaceae each mericarp separates from the adjacent mericarps as well as from the central column, when the fruit dries out, dehiscing abruptly along the dorsal suture, so that the seeds are thrown far away (ROTH, 1977).
With the above factors borne in mind, those individuals who consider 'providing competent and skilled assistance under the direct supervision of the operating surgeon while not performing any form of surgical intervention' (PCC 2003, p2) might ask themselves whether this is any different from dressing a fungating breast tumour, excised pilonidal sinus, arterial leg ulcer, extensive full thickness thermal injuries, (which expose nerves, tendons or blood vessels) or a dehiscing abdominal wound in the inpatient environment.