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Castration and other painful procedures such as branding, dehorning, teeth cutting
Among them is an account of hunting rabbits with friends--often maimed, not always killed "cleanly"--and another of temporary work on a ranch that included the brutal castration, branding, and dehorning of cattle (pp.
IN PROTEST: Both actor travellers -Agnes Varda, right - erect the goat portrait on the side of a barn in protest of common local practice of dehorning.
Dehorning, which seemed foreign to many until recently, is being done well now.
I did] "haying, raking, swathing, moving, driving trucks and tractors and teams, quietening horses, taking cattle back and forth to the reserve, dehorning, vaccinating, branding, anything that was to be done.
This week I have been dehorning, tagging and de-worming the last of our later-born calves and also the yearlings and replacement heifers.
But dehorning has become a necessary evil in Phinda, as on so many other private reserves in Zululand.
However, questions are still being raised over whether dehorning is really effective in curbing poaching.
Surgical dehorning is also an acclaimed option for grown horns.
Since DoubleStar is dehorning it, they might as well (and do) put a small bevel on the edge, and since the choice of the "best" magazine funnel is subjective, DoubleStar saved you more money.
Tail docking, dehorning and other procedures on large animals were also conducted, he said.