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v. t.1.To remove the husk from.
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The ban on the export of mature coconuts and dehusked coconuts has been in place since President Ferdinand E.
1106 should be lifted because of the newly opened global market for dehusked mature coconuts.
Dosa batter is made of rice and urad daal (split and dehusked black gram lentil).
figure By FAITH NDUNGI Baby corn (Zea mays L.) is dehusked maize ear, harvested young especially when the silk has either not emerged or has just emerged.
Try avoiding polished or dehusked rice as they lack vitamin B1.
Briefly, 2,4-D medium is used for the inoculation of dehusked mature seeds, which helps in the formation of embryogenic calli from the scutellum within 3-4 weeks.
When the husks had turned brown, the cobs were harvested, dehusked, shelled and grain yield determined at 14% moisture content.
MR 219) seeds were dehusked and surfaced sterilized using 70% ethanol for 1 min, 20% sodium hypochloride solution for 15 min and rinsed with sterile distilled water for 5 to 6 times.
Akanmu et al., "Effect of dehusked Garcinia kola seeds on the overall pharmacokinetics of quinine in healthy Nigerian volunteers," Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, vol.
To measure percentage HRY, each 200 g sample of the whole paddy was dehusked using the laboratory satake rubber roller type rice husker (THU35C, China).