dehydrated foods

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Noun1.dehydrated foods - food preserved by dehydration
food product, foodstuff - a substance that can be used or prepared for use as food
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Competition Tracking The report also profiles companies that are expected to remain active in the expansion of global dry onion market through 2022, which include Kings Dehydrated Foods Pvt.
On the eight-day trip the astronauts had 70 bite-size and dehydrated foods to choose from, including beef stew, spaghetti with meat sauce (an Armstrong favorite), and scalloped potatoes.
They just liked the idea behind dehydrated foods, promoting dehydrated foods--it's a very Alaskan thing."
The donated food, called Harvest Lentil Pro, is manufactured by the American company Breedlove Dehydrated Foods. Each package includes dried carrots, onions, rice and lentils.
Properly dehydrated foods have an extended shelf life, can save on storage space, and do not lose their nutritional value.
Currently, astronauts can only consume pre-packaged space food, such as freeze-dried or dehydrated foods sealed in packages.
company Breedlove Dehydrated Foods. It consists of dried carrots, onions, rice and lentils and is fortified with vitamins and minerals.
I can give up the oven canning of my dehydrated foods if it is not safe.
Ms Goold said “Eating dehydrated foods is popular amongst raw foodies as removing the moisture preserves the enzymes and amino-acids that our bodies need to make protein.