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1. A substance, such as sulfuric acid, that removes water.
2. An appliance or an engineered system designed to remove water from substances such as absorbents or food.
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Engineered Concepts, LLC says its emission-free natural gas dehydrator technology may be incorporated into new or retrofitted systems of any capacity without variance in efficiency or functionality.
It means drying provisions in a wooden dehydrator and singing hymns such as ``Come, Come You Saints.
It's the drying step-in a dehydrator or oven-that removes moisture, inhibits bacterial development, and preserves the turkey.
Contract Awarded for Cartridge dehydrator desiccators assembly
Dry grated carrots in a dehydrator, but if you don't have a commercial model (or sun), you can make your own, quickly and inexpensively-no power tools required
26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Miami law firm, Novela Law, specializing in complex domestic and international business transactions, represented The Legacy Companies, a Weston Florida based company, in negotiating and acquiring Excalibur's food dehydrator business based in Sacramento California, for approximately $30 Million.
For this rule, a glycol dehydrator would be considered small if it has an annual average natural gas throughput of less than 10 MMcf/d or annual average benzene emissions of less than 1 ton.
For the crispy tomato syrup Preheat dehydrator to 194 degrees.
Your oven or a food dehydrator turns corn, bananas, fruit yogurt, and tomatoes into long-lasting snacks, perfect for lunch boxes or nibbling any time.
Tenders are invited for Dehydrator Cum Filters Suitable For Fedders Lloyd And Amit Make Rmpu Ac Coaches.
I've had a Black and Decker for over six years and couldn't do without it and my dehydrator.
For the pickled vegetables: Preheat dehydrator to 200 degrees.