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 (dē-ĭf′ĭk, dā-)
1. Making or tending to make divine.
2. Of or characterized by divine or godlike nature.

[Late Latin deificus : Latin deus, god; see dyeu- in Indo-European roots + Latin -ficus, -fic.]


(diːˈɪfɪk; deɪ-) or


1. (Theology) making divine or exalting to the position of a god
2. divine or godlike
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Adj.1.deific - characterized by divine or godlike nature
immortal - not subject to death


Of, from, like, or being a god or God:
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Platonism established a deific image of a timeless world of mathematical forms which has been appropriated by physics and updated into a belief in the eternal status of the laws of nature.
Clearly, that must in itself be an indication that poetry is not as deific as the poets wish everyone to believe.
As Leah Scragg notes in her edition of the play, these references to deific body parts provide "indices of outstanding beauty," but at the same time, this jumble of body parts parodies the Petrarchan motif of the blazon, and therefore undercuts the aesthetic effect of the dissection of heavenly beauty.
Cider Mill, however, does include in its Book II several poems originally found in Sequel to Drum-Taps but later moved to other clusters in Leaves of Grass, including "Chanting the Square Deific," and "I heard you, Solemn-sweet Pipes of the Organ.
He had a Platonic and deific vision of the world yet to come that can be gleaned from his own works and certainly the many volumes written on his political thought and his leadership during and after the Revolution.
A man nearing his eighth decade elevated after more than 30 years as a working politician to almost deific status by those starved of political inspiration, a man called upon to address an endless array of highly charged gatherings and to adopt a messiah's mantle.
Add a vampire with a soul, a guardian angel, the homo deific (snowpeople), and a horde of other mythical creatures, and there is one interesting fight.
Biblical precepts highlight deific involvement when seeking relief from issues involving pain and suffering.
Thanks to rapping Raap, the umbilical cord that connects Africana peoples with their inherent divinity pulsates with deific beats, and throbs with numinous rhymes.
Part of the "Olympians" series of full -color graphic novel adaptations of Greek mythology, Aphrodite: Goddess of Love tells the story of the deific personification of love, seduction, and desire.
It lauds Tao as "supremely honored," an allusion to his deific status and the obeisances he receives even from the emperor himself.
M'Naghten Rule, Model Penal Code, Irresistible Impulse Rule, Durham Rule, and Deific Decree Exception) (2)