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A reduction in the size or share of the manufacturing sector in an economy.

de′in·dus′tri·a·lize′ v.
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(ˌdiːɪnˌdʌstrɪəlaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


(Economics) the decline in importance of manufacturing industry in the economy of a nation or area
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In exploring the connections between deindustrialization and tourism, scholars have emphasized the extent to which declining industrial centres turn to tourism as an alternative economic strategy.
Molano argues that as China has come to dominate industrial activity, Latin America is in the midst of a deindustrialization as the region focuses on its areas of comparative advantage.
Deindustrialization has of course been the subject of intense scholarly interest in the United States.
According to Chicago labor expert Warren, "a few unions--particularly in the building trades--had historically excluded black men from well-paying union jobs by keeping them out of apprenticeship programs." In the minds of many black leaders, the rapid deindustrialization of the inner city combined with the racism of some building trades unions was largely responsible for the severe joblessness on the South and West Sides.
Colyton in the first century of this study was a wheat and wool economy, the next century was dominated by pastoral farming and intensive rural industrialization, and the final century was characterized by the deindustrialization of its lace-making industry and the emergence of a new emphasis on dairy farming alongside a revitalization of its grain-growing sector.
Analyses of deindustrialization and the international spread of competitive capitalism follow this discussion.
But in the last decade, after deindustrialization and the downsizing of government social programs, many vets have come home to a scene like the setting of 8 Mile: low-paying "McJobs" and decrepit tenements and trailer parks.
She lived in Windber until the deindustrialization of coal mining forced her family to move to Illinois.
He said that due to wrong policies of previous government, country experienced deindustrialization and added that current government would further strengthen the industry.
But the pain of its demise is grounded in distinctly local recent history: Youngstown, Ohio, and the Mahoning Valley in which it lies, have struggled with deindustrialization, population loss, health declines and civic disengagement.
The current government focused on reducing the trade gap by a number of initiatives that include regulatory duties on luxury items, tariff rationalization, incentives through economic reform package, stopping deindustrialization and promoting industrialization.
KARACHI -- Planned deindustrialization in Pakistan has dealt a deadly blow to the resistance movement in Pakistan and further weakened the already fable voice for peoples' rights, said noted social expert and Dean of Social Sciences at Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) Prof Dr Riaz Ahmed Shaikh, speaking at a lecture here Sunday evening.