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Noun1.deinocheirus - lightly built medium-sized theropod with long limbs and neck
ornithomimid - lightly built medium-sized dinosaur having extremely long limbs and necks with small heads and big brains and large eyes
genus Deinocheirus - a reptile genus of Ornithomimida
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14 exhibits of dinosaur fossils found in Mongolia including the Deinocheirus skeleton are on display at the Dinosaur Expo 2019 which opened in the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo, on July 13, Montsame reported.
Several Asian ornithomimosaurs attained large size, including the Early Cretaceous Beishanlong and the Late Cretaceous Gallimimus and Deinocheirus. Beishanlong is known from several postcranial bones from the Aptian-Albian Xinminpu Group of Gansu (Makovicky et al., 2010).