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The notice pertains to the 19,960-square-metre land bought by Deja Vu Farms for agricultural use, but which now consists of a bungalow with a swimming pool and a private helipad, the official, who did not want to be identified, said.
Their debt to him was writ large all over 2013 masterpiece Random Access Memories and Deja Vu acknowledges that link in its DP-ish artwork.
This topic hits home with many women and author Kathy Holmes shares her experience through her fictional character, Nikki Durrance in her latest novel, Deja vu at the Blue Diamond Saloon.
To begin, there were 73 entries in Deja Vu associated with Clinical Chemistry (at the time of the editorial publication) rather than 27 as previously reported-a discrepancy attributable to the database search and filter options (1).
Quiza tambien los protagonistas de la cruzada laica tambien viven un deja vu.
Palabras clave: deja vu, Remo Bodei, filosofia italiana contemporanea, biopolitica, Nietzsche.
Psychologist Dr Anne Cleary said: "One particular theory of deja vu is it may be a memory process.
Deja vu is believed to be an example of familiarity-based recognition.
The occasion for this reassessment, according to Huber and Peranson, is Scott's Deja Vu (2006), a "surveillance-era, post-Hitchcock concoction" that the authors claim as the director's "masterpiece" (Huber and Peranson).
Nature, a leading American scientific journal, said that an Iranian scientific magazine was alerted to the potential plagiarism by Deja vu, a web database at the University of Texas that culls published articles with potential plagiarisms by computer matching of the texts.