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1. Greatly pleasing to the taste; delicious. See Synonyms at delicious.
2. Greatly pleasing; delightful: found her anecdotes delectable.
3. Sexually attractive or alluring.
Something delightful or delicious: a feast of home-cooked delectables.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin dēlectābilis, from dēlectāre, to please; see delight.]

de·lec′ta·bil′i·ty, de·lec′ta·ble·ness n.
de·lec′ta·bly adv.


[dɪˈlɛktəblɪ] advdeliziosamente
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BC believes that the quickest way to get ahead is to feed the TEs with delectably salacious scandals.
A best-seller here, the chicken is made in a special marinade with mustard oil and a 'secret' bhatti masala and delectably roasted in a tandoor or bhatti.
My discovery of the day, though, was the Singapore Racing Club Curry (a prawn preparation with chilli crab ingredients) served with delectably soft, almost cloud-like, slightly sweet, steamed and then fried mantou buns.
My sister lives in Italy and sips her wine slowly, smelling it delectably and swirling it like it's work of art.
Whether for an intimate evening for two, a get-together for business associates or a gathering of friends, Silver Fox Steakhouse provides nothing less than a delectably satisfying experience.
It features two sides of cooking: Chef Adrian presents indulgent flavourful dishes, while Zoe cooks delectably nutritious options which will challenge viewers to decide what's good for them.
He also hit Starc delectably past point for another boundary.
Delectably Green and Clean Workshop with author and speaker Leslie Reichert, finding the recipe to remove toxins from your home.
Behold the mammoth Opus X A - a delectably subtle smoke that improves with a few years in the humidor - if you can wait that long.
The delectably twisted show is set to replace "Dracula," which has yet to receive word on a second season.
The homemade ice creams were good, but the lemon posset was even better, bursting delectably on to the tongue.