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(Mathematics) maths the differential operator i(∂/∂x) + j(∂/∂y) + k(∂/∂z), where i, j, and k are unit vectors in the x, y, and z directions. Symbol: Also called: nabla



n. Math.
a differential operator. Symbol:
[1900–05; short form of delta]




1. delegate; delegation.
2. delete.
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The DMA has a delete file of names that is updated four times a year and made available to telephone marketing companies monthly.
As human, we intentionally and most of the time mistakenly delete files on our gadget.
In Excel after 2001, delete files another way Click on Edit and Links and select your workbook and click on the Break Link button.
By the time I had finished the first few chapters, I was able to create and delete files inside what Windows users refer to as the command-line interface.
Murvin continued, "The software provides the ability to automatically migrate, recall, and delete files based on age and activity criteria, supporting standard Windows XP infrastructures including wireless communications.
JV from Arizona State asks: When you delete files on your hard drive, how is it that someone can go in and read them?