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Noun1.delicatessen food - ready-to-eat food productsdelicatessen food - ready-to-eat food products    
convenience food - any packaged dish or food that can be prepared quickly and easily as by thawing or heating
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The six hit with closure orders were: |Golden Palace (takeaway), Dungloe, Co Donegal - served on June 27, lifted on July 3 |Express Pizza and Kebab (takeaway), Cobh, Co Cork - served on June 28, lifted on July 1 |Munchies (takeaway), Tubbercurry, Co Sligo - served on June 21, lifted on June 23 |Holy Crepe Tasty Tasty ( food stall), Kinsale, Co Cork - served on June 11 and remains in place |East Oriental (takeaway), South Dublin - served on June 1, lifted the following day, and |Mace Supermarket (closed area - delicatessen food preparation area and delicatessen walk-in cold storage and walk-in freezer activities), Carrigtohill, Co Cork - served on June 29, lifted the following day.
Delicatessen food was embedded in Jewish popular culture: in songs, skits, family gatherings, even in the recurring association of deli meat with eroticism and virility.
The the five-film festival also includes a documentary produced by Nancy Spielberg, a sister of Steven Spielberg, about the birth of the Israeli Air Force; a haunting Oscar-nominated drama from Poland; a dark comedy form Uruguay; and a delicious-sounding documentary about delicatessen food.
Any sort of delicatessen food wouldn't be seen on grocery shelves for decades to come.
Designed to serve households with few members with enhanced delicatessen food, foodium Shimokitazawa in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward has a store space of 1,111 square meters while foodium Dojima in Osaka's Kita Ward covers 655 square meters.
Both retailers have significantly increased the selling space devoted to fresh produce, delicatessen food, meat, seafood and bread in environments that are designed to emulate the outdoor food markets of Europe.
For the first time a specially created exhibition space for delicatessen food will bring together manufacturers, food retailers and food chains, and also Hogatec visitors.
and the world in search of authentic delicatessen food. The author's discussions of the food itself, from how it's made to its distribution, provides a vivid and mouth-watering survey perfect for any culinary library.
Part of the downstairs restaurant will be converted into a separate shop selling a full range of delicatessen food, plus an extra counter selling 12 different Italian ice-creams.
The store, with a scheduled opening date of autumn 2003, will include a large cosmetics hall, an electrical department, an extensive luggage department, a home-furnishing centre, a restaurant and a fresh food and delicatessen food hall as well as clothing.
Found in soft cheeses, milk, delicatessen food, and undercooked meat, poultry, and seafood, L.