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Greatly pleasing.

de·light′ful·ly adv.
de·light′ful·ness n.
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giving great delight; very pleasing, beautiful, charming, etc
deˈlightfully adv
deˈlightfulness n
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(dɪˈlaɪt fəl)

giving delight; highly pleasing: a delightful surprise.
de•light′ful•ly, adv.
de•light′ful•ness, n.
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1. 'delighted'

If you are delighted, you are very pleased and excited about something.

He was delighted with his achievement.
He was delighted to meet them again.

You do not use words such as 'very' or 'extremely' in front of delighted. If you want to say that someone is extremely pleased and excited, you can say that they are absolutely delighted.

They were absolutely delighted with François from the start.

You do not use words such as 'fairly', 'quite', or 'almost' in front of delighted.

2. 'delightful'

Do not confuse delighted with delightful. If you say that someone or something is delightful, you mean that they are very pleasant and attractive.

Her children really are delightful.
...a delightful room.
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Adj.1.delightful - greatly pleasing or entertaining; "a delightful surprise"; "the comedy was delightful"; "a delicious joke"
pleasing - giving pleasure and satisfaction; "a pleasing piece of news"; "pleasing in manner and appearance"
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Giving great pleasure or delight:
Informal: darling.
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مُبْهِج، مُفْرِح، مُمْتِعمـُمْتِع
ánægjulegur, undaîslegur
매우 기쁜
vui vẻ


[dɪˈlaɪtfʊl] ADJ [person] → encantador; [outfit] → precioso; [food, breeze] → delicioso
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[dɪˈlaɪtfʊl] adj
[person, child] → charmant(e), adorable
[evening, view, place] → merveilleux/euse
[meal] → délicieux/euse
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adjreizend; weather, party, mealwunderbar
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[dɪˈlaɪtfʊl] adj (person, place, meal) → delizioso/a; (manner, smile) → incantevole
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(diˈlait) verb
1. to please greatly. I was delighted by/at the news; They were delighted to accept the invitation.
2. to have or take great pleasure (from). He delights in teasing me.
(something which causes) great pleasure. Peacefulness is one of the delights of country life.
deˈlightful adjective
causing delight. a delightful person/party.
deˈlightfully adverb
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مـُمْتِع rozkošný herlig entzückend απολαυστικός encantador ihastuttava charmant divan delizioso 楽しい 매우 기쁜 verrukkelijk skjønn zachwycający encantador восхитительный förtjusande น่าปิติยินดี keyif verici vui vẻ 令人高兴的
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Moreover, she is one of those delightful, old-fashioned cooks who don't care a bit if they ruin your digestion as long as they can give you feasts of fat things.
Browning, he guides the reader to his works, or division of work, seriatim, making of each a distinct and special study, and giving a great deal of welcome information about the poems, the circumstances of their composition, and the like, with delightful quotations.
Quite delightful to have you all meet so!Our little room so honoured!"
All in all, it was a never-to-be-forgotten summer--one of those summers which come seldom into any life, but leave a rich heritage of beautiful memories in their going--one of those summers which, in a fortunate combination of delightful weather, delightful friends and delightful doings, come as near to perfection as anything can come in this world.
HOLMCROFT--I snatch a few moments from my other avocations to thank you for your most interesting and delightful letter.
There was even then in the new circumstance of a people just liberated from every variety of intellectual repression and political oppression, a group of dramatic authors, whose plays were not only delightful to see but delightful to read, working in the good tradition of one of the greatest realists who has ever lived, and producing a drama of vital strength and charm.
During the quadrille nothing of any significance was said: there was disjointed talk between them of the Korsunskys, husband and wife, whom he described very amusingly, as delightful children at forty, and of the future town theater; and only once the conversation touched her to the quick, when he asker her about Levin, whether he was here, and added that he liked him so much.
Just at that moment the merry old man came in who lived up a-top of the house all alone; for he had neither wife nor children--but he liked children very much, and knew so many fairy tales, that it was quite delightful.
The little expedition down the river was delightful, and the little room overlooking the river into which they were shown for dinner was delightful.
It will be quite delightful!--My love," applying to her husband, "don't you long to have the Miss Dashwoods come to Cleveland?"
my friend, how would your tender heart bleed did you but know the least of my sufferings; but they are all requited by the delightful anticipations of Park-Place.
Fanny felt that there must be a struggle in Edmund's cheerfulness, but it was delightful to see the effort so successfully made.