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Greatly pleasing.

de·light′ful·ly adv.
de·light′ful·ness n.


giving great delight; very pleasing, beautiful, charming, etc
deˈlightfully adv
deˈlightfulness n


(dɪˈlaɪt fəl)

giving delight; highly pleasing: a delightful surprise.
de•light′ful•ly, adv.
de•light′ful•ness, n.


1. 'delighted'

If you are delighted, you are very pleased and excited about something.

He was delighted with his achievement.
He was delighted to meet them again.

You do not use words such as 'very' or 'extremely' in front of delighted. If you want to say that someone is extremely pleased and excited, you can say that they are absolutely delighted.

They were absolutely delighted with François from the start.

You do not use words such as 'fairly', 'quite', or 'almost' in front of delighted.

2. 'delightful'

Do not confuse delighted with delightful. If you say that someone or something is delightful, you mean that they are very pleasant and attractive.

Her children really are delightful.
...a delightful room.
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Adj.1.delightful - greatly pleasing or entertaining; "a delightful surprise"; "the comedy was delightful"; "a delicious joke"
pleasing - giving pleasure and satisfaction; "a pleasing piece of news"; "pleasing in manner and appearance"



Giving great pleasure or delight:
Informal: darling.
مُبْهِج، مُفْرِح، مُمْتِعمـُمْتِع
ánægjulegur, undaîslegur
매우 기쁜
vui vẻ


[dɪˈlaɪtfʊl] ADJ [person] → encantador; [outfit] → precioso; [food, breeze] → delicioso


[dɪˈlaɪtfʊl] adj
[person, child] → charmant(e), adorable
[evening, view, place] → merveilleux/euse
[meal] → délicieux/euse


adjreizend; weather, party, mealwunderbar


[dɪˈlaɪtfʊl] adj (person, place, meal) → delizioso/a; (manner, smile) → incantevole


(diˈlait) verb
1. to please greatly. I was delighted by/at the news; They were delighted to accept the invitation.
2. to have or take great pleasure (from). He delights in teasing me.
(something which causes) great pleasure. Peacefulness is one of the delights of country life.
deˈlightful adjective
causing delight. a delightful person/party.
deˈlightfully adverb


مـُمْتِع rozkošný herlig entzückend απολαυστικός encantador ihastuttava charmant divan delizioso 楽しい 매우 기쁜 verrukkelijk skjønn zachwycający encantador восхитительный förtjusande น่าปิติยินดี keyif verici vui vẻ 令人高兴的
References in classic literature ?
It was a prodigious trip, but delightful, of course, through the Rockies and the Black Hills and the mighty sweep of the Great Plains to civilization and the Missouri border - where the railroading began and the delightfulness ended.
When they sat down on the grass with Captain curled at their feet, Soot solemnly listening on a tree and Nut and Shell nosing about close to them, it seemed to Mary that it would be scarcely bearable to leave such delightfulness, but when she began to tell her story somehow the look in Dickon's funny face gradually changed her mind.
As the boy thus led her by the hand, in his quiet progress over the borders of eternity, Dorothy almost imagined that she could discern the near, though dim, delightfulness of the home he was about to reach; she would not have enticed the little wanderer back, though she bemoaned herself that she must leave him and return.
Still grander, to be sure, by the nature of the two forms, was the Elizabethan achievement in the drama, which we shall consider in the next chapter; but the lyrics have the advantage in sheer delightfulness and, of course, in rapid and direct appeal.
The burdock never grows alone, but where there grows one there always grow several: it is a great delight, and all this delightfulness is snails' food.
large sums of money," had created characters whose "image of innocent delightfulness .
These meditations present theological insights with poetic delightfulness.
They can give great delight to the observant person, he explains, and their delightfulness should incite human beings to love God for having created all the different types of beings that constitute the universe.
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said gave the following press statement upon his arrival in Riyadh; "After arriving safely with Allah's care to the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it gives us pleasure to express our delightfulness to take part alongside with the AGCC leaders in the 32nd Summit of the Council.
And it's his former band's pure-blown pop sensibilities that he employs on Open Your Wallets' giddy collection of hooks, melodies and assorted delightfulness.
The Sultanate celebrates these days the 43rd anniversary of the Glorious National Day which carried as usual the happiness and delightfulness to the whole of the Sultanate for the achievements and the royal orders that aimed for the good of Oman its people.
I have a personal value-response when "another stands before me as valuable, beautiful in himself, deriving all his attractive power and delightfulness from his preciousness and beauty" (19).