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1. Great pleasure; joy: The proud parents' faces beamed with delight.
2. Something that gives great pleasure or enjoyment: The vacation was a delight for the whole family.
v. de·light·ed, de·light·ing, de·lights
1. To take great pleasure or joy: delights in taking long walks.
2. To give great pleasure or joy: an old movie that still delights.
To please greatly: a movie that will delight all audiences. See Synonyms at please.

[Middle English delit, from Old French, a pleasure, from delitier, to please, charm, from Latin dēlectāre : dē-, intensive pref.; see de- + lactāre, frequentative of lacere, to entice.]
References in classic literature ?
Gambling was here in profusion, and dancing in plenty: feasting was there to fill with delight that great gourmand of a Jos: there was a theatre where a miraculous Catalani was delighting all hearers: beautiful rides, all enlivened with martial splendour; a rare old city, with strange costumes and wonderful architecture, to delight the eyes of little Amelia, who had never before seen a foreign country, and fill her with charming surprises: so that now and for a few weeks' space in a fine handsome lodging, whereof the expenses were borne by Jos and Osborne, who was flush of money and full of kind attentions to his wife--for about a fortnight, I say, during which her honeymoon ended, Mrs.
Delighting the customer is the basic concept of service excellence [4, 9-12].
However, delighting customers requires something beyond this: joy and surprise (Berman, 2005).
The authors state that the CVCI process generates customer experiences that are engaging, committing, and delighting. The experiences develop lifelong loyalties in customers.
Schickele has been delighting audiences for years with works of charm, wit and good-natured humor, products of a lively imagination and strong musicological background paired with a finely honed compositional skill.
Ironically, this messenger is one in whom the priests claim to be delighting, and the Lord is one they claim to seek.