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 (dĭ-lĭm′ĭt) also de·lim·i·tate (-ĭ-tāt′)
tr.v. de·lim·it·ed, de·lim·it·ing, de·lim·its also de·lim·i·tat·ed or de·lim·i·tat·ing or de·lim·i·tates
To establish the limits or boundaries of; demarcate.

[French délimiter, from Latin dēlīmitāre : dē-, de- + līmitāre, to limit (from līmes, līmit-, boundary line).]

de·lim′i·ta′tion n.
de·lim′i·ta′tive adj.
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Adj.1.delimited - having the limits or boundaries established; "a delimited frontier through the disputed region"
finite - bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent
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- Lot 2 number of area to be delimited 20 / number of fragmented cutting 680
The conflicts are mainly caused by a significant proportion of not delimited state borderline.
Leirner's work can be understood as the mark of that attempt to overcome, through an intelligence of forms, the delimited space of the real object in order to project it violently into the imaginary space of the body.
7.) Able to export reports in either Excel or delimited format
Around Sokh enclave (Uzbekistan) 87 km from 137 km were mutually delimited and agreed on, State Border Service Chairman Tokon Mamytov said at the meeting of Kyrgyz Parliament Members with population of border villages in Batken region on February 26.
Tenders are invited for Management, maintenance and upkeep of the Ellicott Make, Dragon 370 Series, portable dredges procured by the department from ELLICOTT USA in the year 2012 and operated for 18 months through their representative, on extensive and comprehensive basis and its allied auxiliaries delimited to the following.
The file the State of Delaware will provide will be a comma delimited, *.dat file.
1,007 km of the borderline from total 1,378 was delimited. The most complex issues remained, he added.
Contract notice: Exploration concession delimited part of quinta da pimenteira, located in the sierra de monsanto, lisbon, and other buildings and equipment in the parque florestal de monsanto.
Around 40% of areas in Batken region on the border with Uzbekistan have not been delimited.
Only about a quarter of sub-Saharan borders are clearly delimited and demarcated.