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n. Computers
A character or sequence of characters marking the beginning or end of a unit of data.


a character or group of characters which mark a limit in computer code


(dɪˈlɪm ɪ tər)

a character or space indicating the beginning or end of a piece of computer data.


n (Comput) → Trennzeichen nt, → Delimiter m
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'The booth should look good and should not act as a deterrent or even a delimiter. We have had very positive experiences with an open and inviting booth, preferably with demo applications of the products.'
Et ce pour delimiter les responsabilites et prendre les dispositions et les mesures necessaires afin de depasser et traiter tout ce qui est susceptible de nuire a l'environnement ou aux habitants et aux visiteurs de la region et a aux activites economiques en general et touristiques en particulier.
Un point de situation sera ensuite elabore afin de delimiter le degre de couverture des besoins nationaux.
The PRE terminologies consecutively defined in detail are Protocol Reverse Engineering itself, execution trace and network trace, syntax inference (inferring protocol syntaxes) and semantic inference (inferring protocol semantics), binary protocol and text protocol, protocol finite state machine (PFSM) and protocol format, field, keyword, keyword value, delimiter (separator), key-value delimiter and value-value delimiter, correctness, conciseness, and coverage.
The TEXTJOIN function joins cell values and allows us to specify a delimiter, such as a colon.
Open that file in Excel, and choose "delimited text" and the quotation character as the delimiter. Figures 1 and 2 show these two steps.
However, d-Cast has three problems: the effect of broadcasting schedules by the start delimiter header, the synchronization of timing for delivering data, and sequential playback.
Dans le premier chapitre, l'auteure s'attarde a delimiter son objet d'etude en fournissant une definition sociologique tres riche de ce peuple urbain qu'elle rend saisissable par une approche a la fois qualitative et quantitative.