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intr.v. del·i·quesced, del·i·quesc·ing, del·i·quesc·es
a. To melt away.
b. To disappear as if by melting.
2. Chemistry To dissolve and become liquid by absorbing moisture from the air.
3. Botany
a. To become fluid or soft on maturing, as certain fungal structures.
b. To branch out into numerous subdivisions that lack a main axis, as the trunk of an elm.

[Latin dēliquēscere : dē-, de- + liquēscere, to melt, inchoative of liquēre, to be liquid.]

del′i·ques′cence n.
del′i·ques′cent adj.


1. (Chemistry) the process of deliquescing
2. (Chemistry) a solution formed when a solid or liquid deliquesces
ˌdeliˈquescent adj


(ˌdɛl ɪˈkwɛs əns)

1. the act or process of deliquescing.
2. the substance produced when something deliquesces.
del`i•ques′cent, adj.


1. the process of melting away or becoming moist from absorbing moisture from the air.
2. the liquid substance so formed. Cf. efflorescence. — deliquescent, adj.
See also: Processes
the property of a substance to attract and absorb moisture, especially from the air. Cf. efflorescence. — deliquescent, adj.
See also: Water


The way in which a solid substance absorbs water from the atmosphere. The process can continue until the substance passes into solution.
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Dans cette descente aux enfers, particulierement aggravee par le regne des milices tronant sur des institutions en deliquescence, la prise de conscience inspire un sursaut salvateur des pays voisins totalement impliques dans le processus de dialogue inclusif et de la communaute internationale, appelant a une solution negociee de la crise.
Nous n'agissons pas comme d'autres partis qui se savent en deliquescence, connaissent des problemes internes et se laissent embarquer dans la possibilite qu'on intervienne dans leurs affaires interieures[beaucoup plus grand que].
And this is an extraordinary sensation, which epitomises one of the grand themes of Kiefer's work: for all their monumentality, these paintings are organic things that advertise their sense of process and their own eventual deliquescence.
For lack of tradition in this field, Tunisia "was not prepared to face up terrorism, especially in the context of deliquescence which hit the state after the Revolution, and given the fact of the regional reality, marked by instability, in particular in Libya and in Syria, which had a direct impact on the Tunisian situation," he said.
It is found that gas-phase amines increase the particle-phase amine concentrations, lower the deliquescence point (DP) of the particles and facilitate water uptake even at low relative humidity.
This deliquescence is not exactly subversive or undermining, though; it also points to the liquid magic, the near-enchanted malleability, of processes of visual representation today.
Une telle posture renseigne sur l'etendue de la deliquescence morale et ethique du regime algerien qui se projette encore selon les parametres doctrinaux de la guerre froide.
Les jeunes pousses de riz n'ont pour l'instant l'air que de minuscules brins d'herbe perdus dans une region en deliquescence au sud de Khartoum, mais ils symbolisent l'espoir de faire renaEtre l'un des plus vastes systemes d'irrigation du monde.
What's forming these tracks is the salt in the soil absorbing any available moisture in the air, a process known as deliquescence.
A sad deliquescence, like the evanescent smell of suntan lotion that recalls your first carnal experience, late August, with the ocean folding salty confections, whispering into the spiral ears of sea shells, & something more seems intimated, beyond the recreation of flesh, & light years beyond the ecstasy of sanctimony.
Car en definitive, l'existence meme de la theorie de l'abus suggere sa deliquescence, voire une defaillance dans les mecanismes de regulation des actions individuelles.
Phase changes of salts in porous materials: Crystallization, hydration and deliquescence, Construction and Building Materials 22(8): 1758-1773.