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Examining the NBO results reveals that the N2/H-N1 interaction in the more stable keto-tautomer is critical and can enhance the electron delocalization through the p-system toward both the quinoline and the naphthalene segments.
Homoaromaticity results from the through space cyclic delocalization of 4n+2 electrons and imparts a "special" stability to the homoaromatic species.
Stoynev drew attention to the risk of delocalization of Europe's industry after the adoption of a set of new proposals of the European Commission under the 2030 framework on climate and energy.
Even so, these roots often prove to be tenacious and deep, intertwining with other threads of contemporary experience (not only diasporic or necessarily Indian) such as transculturation, delocalization, assimilation, and dissimulation to create a "staggeringly large and wide-ranging" breadth of subject matter and poetic concerns and styles.
x] = [DELTA]x / [DELTA]t regardless of any local feature of its actual delocalization motion.
Among their topics are electrons in atoms, hybrids and bonds in molecules, resonance and delocalization corrections, nuclear and electronic spin effects, intermolecular interactions, and excited state chemistry.
Five hundred people already work in Morocco, in claim settlement and back office in life and health insurance," the newspaper stated, underlining that the group has not changed its mind with regard to delocalization.
The following topics are covered: tracking aromaticity and antiaromaticity based on n-DIs, applications of n- DIs, and multicenter electron delocalization in all-metal compounds.
In recent times, there has been an enormous interest in organic materials possessing strong [pi]-electron delocalization which determines the strength of third-order nonlinearity.
In the next essay Thomas Pekar attempts a comparison of exile works by Anna Seghers and Thomas Mann and early post-war works by Hermann Kasack and Elisabeth Langgasser, focusing on experiences of delocalization and katabasis (the visit to the land of the dead, the most extreme form of delocalization).
Companies like Samsung have reinvested in innovation, moved into markets far from their Korean base and accepted delocalization of production.