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Nile River delta, Egypt


1. The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. See Table at alphabet.
2. An object shaped like a triangle.
a. A usually triangular alluvial deposit at the mouth of a river.
b. A similar deposit at the mouth of a tidal inlet, caused by tidal currents.
4. Mathematics A finite increment in a variable.
adj. Chemistry
1. Being in the fourth position relative to a designated carbon atom in an organic molecule at which an atom or a group may be substituted.
2. Referring to the fourth of a group of isomers, or molecules of similar origin or properties, determined arbitrarily by those who discover or classify them. Used in combination.

[Middle English, from Latin, from Greek, of Phoenician origin; see dl in Semitic roots.]

del·ta′ic (-tā′ĭk), del′tic (-tĭk) adj.


An area of the south-central United States extending on either side of the Mississippi River from Memphis, Tennessee, to Vicksburg, Mississippi. An important cotton-producing region, it is noted for its folk culture, especially as the home of some of the earliest blues music.
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The chief minister said the Sindh government had already planned building up of a barrage in the tail-end district and earmarked a huge amount to execute the project in deltaic site, but if the federal government had announced such a project to save the Indus water gushing into the sea, the provincial government of Sindh would have appreciated it a lot.
The Obiafu-41 Deep well has reached a total depth of 4.374 m encountering an important gas and condensate accumulation within the deltaic sequence of Oligocene age comprising more than 130m of high quality hydrocarbon-bearing sands.
The latest cuttings over the shakers reflect a sandy shale and this lithology is interpreted as the transition from the deltaic to marine section of the Irwin River, prognosed to be encountered just prior to the Kingia formation.
Auditors lamented that despite the fact that the National Capital Region is usually plagued with perennial flooding "due to its deltaic nature" the MMDA was unable to carry out its responsibility of addressing this need.
Fateh Muhammad Burfat while appreciating the research activities of Centre for Coastal and Deltaic Studies of Thatta Campus said the centre has been engaged in highlighting issues of coastal and delta area and conducting research based studies for solving the problems.
Centre for Coastal and Deltaic Studies University of Sindh Campus Thatta is the research centre which highlights the coastal and deltaic issues and conducts the research based studies for solving the problems.
Mentioning since Bangladesh is a riverine country and situated to the downstream of the greatest deltaic plain confluence of the Padma, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers and their tributaries, he said "So the effect of climate change will be huge to us as we've experienced some hazards already." To deal with the challenges, Bangladesh has taken a long-term planning termed as Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100, he said, adding: "To create an expert pool for this plan, we are going to establish an international standard institute.
Renowned Environmentalist Dr Mehmood Khalid Qamar told reporter that environmental hazards were seriously affecting Pakistan's deltaic area, which is likely to expose more than 2.5 million people to water scarcity, rising sea level effects and food insecurity.
Among their topics are revisiting the Bey<,s>ehir occupation phase: land-cover change and the rural economy in the eastern Mediterranean during the first millennium AD, vegetation and land-use change in northern Europe during late antiquity: a regional-scale pollen-based reconstruction, Hadrian's Wall in context: a multi-proxy palaeo-environmental perspective from lakes, human and deltaic environments in northern Egypt in late antiquity, invisible environmental history: infectious disease in late antiquity, and catastrophes aside: environment and the end of antiquity.
Later, Director CCDS also offer the vote of thanks and presented the copies of recent published books on research findings on Sindh coastal and Deltaic eco-region to the guests.
The role of abrupt sinking events and subsidence remain determining in the deltaic context to anticipate future coastal adaptations and the risk of submersion.