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tr.v. de·lud·ed, de·lud·ing, de·ludes
1. To cause to hold a false belief; deceive thoroughly: unscrupulous brokers who deluded their clients about the underlying value of the stocks they were touting. See Synonyms at deceive.
2. Obsolete To elude or evade.
3. Obsolete To frustrate the hopes or plans of.

[Middle English deluden, from Latin dēlūdere : dē-, de- + lūdere, to play; see leid- in Indo-European roots.]

de·lud′er n.
de·lud′ing·ly adv.
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"It being one chief project of the old deluder Satan to keep men from the knowledge of the Scripture ..., to the end that learning may not be buried in the graves of our forefathers, in church and commonwealth, the Lord assisting our endeavors ...
Satan, that old deluder, was at work everywhere in America, much as he had been in New England circa 1692.
0121 345 0600 MUSIC Roddy Woomble Roddy and his band will be showcasing recent solo album The Deluder and playing tracks from his back catalogue, which includes 12 top 40 singles notched up as a solo artist and frontman of Scottish indie-rockers Idlewild.
And he is due to play his own show in Stirling later this year to mark the launch of his new album The Deluder, which takes a darker, more lo-fi direction.
Long before Riley uttered his famous quote in 2004, Massachusetts courts enacted the "Old Deluder Satan Act" in 1647 to set up town schools to ensure that students of the future would not lose their knowledge of the scriptures (Urban & Wagoner, 2008).
The Citadel, Waterloo Street, St Helens, 01744 735 436, tickets from PS12 - Fri, 8 Sep - Sun, 10 Sep Music Roddy Woomble Frontman of Scottish indie rock band Idlewild, Roddy Woomble will be performing past hits and new songs from his new album, The Deluder.
Roddy is back with his fourth official solo album, The Deluder (out September 1).
(106) In India, the Visnupurana (III 18) contains one of the earliest and most elaborate accounts of the Buddhavatara, known therein as Mayamoha, the 'Great Deluder'.